Our Purpose

Transforming education by creating a happy place for children and equipping them with skills for the new world.

Problem Based Learning at Vega Schools

Our superior three-in-one methodology is a combination of Experiential Learning, Project-based learning and Inquiry based learning.

Problem Based Learning

The Vega Schools' Promise

Children will learn by doing

Children will enjoy their learning

Children will create new ideas (and knowledge)

Children will solve the world’s problems and move the world forward

Core Values

Core Values

Best Schools in Gurgaon

Each of our two campuses (Sector 48 and 76) is a premium CBSE School in Gurgaon.

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India's most influential minds on how childhood experiences can lead to success later in life.

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Our unique features and facilities have led to us being selected as amongst the best schools in Gurgaon.





















What Parents Say About Us

Being able to be close to nature, being able to experiment, fail and try are the traits we liked in Vega's architecture
Mrs. Varnika & Mr. Abhinav Gupta
We visited so many good schools in Gurgaon...we saw Vega Schools, we meet the staff....people were so good, so courteous, my gut felt that this is the school
Mrs. Anu & Rohit Rajpal

Child Development At Vega

Useful tips for parents on parenting, learning, nutrition, school selection and skill building.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Gurgaon, parents are seeking the best education for their children. From the top schools in Gurgaon to the best schools on Sohna Road, Gurgaon, the educational landscape caters to diverse needs. Vega Schools stands out as one of the top 5 CBSE schools in Gurgaon, ranked No. 1 in Holistic Education (Category – CBSE School, Haryana). For parents residing in Sector 76 or Sector 48, Gurgaon, Vega Schools' offers a nurturing environment for early childhood development in the Pre Nursery, Nursery, Upper KG and Lower KG grades. Additionally, among CBSE schools in Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Vega Schools, provide convenient access to quality education for families in the area.

Vega Schools are renowned for their exceptional curriculum, highly qualified faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, making them the top choice for parents seeking quality education in Gurgaon. With a strong emphasis on holistic development and innovative teaching methods including project-based learning, experiential learning and inquiry based learning, Vega Schools ensure that students receive all round development that prepares them for success in the future.
To enroll your child in Vega Schools’ prestigious nursery program, visit our admissions page to learn about the application process and requirements. With a nurturing environment and a focus on early childhood development, Vega Schools’ nursery program sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning. We also offer Day Care facility at our Sector 48 and Sector 76 campus.
Vega Schools offers numerous advantages, including a dynamic learning environment, personalized attention from experienced educators, and diverse extracurricular activities to foster overall growth. Additionally, Vega Schools boast a competitive fee structure, ensuring that quality education remains accessible to all families in Gurgaon.
Yes, Vega Schools are committed to recruiting talented professionals who share our vision of excellence in education. Visit our careers page to explore job openings and learn more about joining the progressive and happy school culture at Vega Schools. With a supportive work environment and opportunities for professional growth, Vega Schools are an ideal place to advance your career in education.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Gurgaon, parents are seeking the best education for their children. From the top schools in Gurgaon to the best schools on Sohna Road, Gurgaon, the educational landscape caters to diverse needs. Vega Schools stands out as one of the top 5 CBSE schools in Gurgaon, ranked No. 1 in Holistic Education (Category – CBSE School, Haryana). For parents residing in Sector 76 or Sector 48, Gurgaon, Vega Schools' offers a nurturing environment for early childhood development in the Pre Nursery, Nursery, Upper KG and Lower KG grades. Additionally, among CBSE schools in Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Vega Schools, provide convenient access to quality education for families in the area.

Cool and clean (virus free air) : Best Schools in Gurgaon
The Sector 48 Campus HVAC (central A/C) system has been designed by an ASHRAE certified HVAC expert. The system has diffusers (instead of vents) which reduce air velocity thereby resulting in substantially reduced spread of viruses. The system is fitted with fresh air (TFA) units which bring in fresh air from the outside. Fresh air is recommended as it minimises the spread of viruses. The system is further fitted with MERV filters which purify the fresh air and remove harmful viruses and bacteria.

The Sector 76 Campus HVAC has independent HVAC units and PM 2.5 Air Filters. The Green and Large Campus is flush with lots of Natural Light and Indoor Plants. The building has an inbuilt provision for cross ventilation. Being among the best schools in Gurgaon, Vega has invested in A/C plants and air filters to provide cool and clean air to learners throughout the year. World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines compliant

  • Encourage frequent and thorough washing (at least 20 seconds)
  • Place hand sanitizers in toilets, classrooms, halls, and near exits where possible
  • The school is designed as per international standards and provides over 90 sq ft per child. This allows adequate social distancing.
  • Stringent food safety guidelines
  • Stringent transport safety guidelines
  • Process of sanitisation for school staff prior to and after entering the school building
We provide a safe, threat free and happy environment conducive to learning. All the important and common areas are covered with CCTV cameras. We conduct a police verification of relevant staff members. We have a trained school nurse on campus with well equipped trauma kits. All washrooms have a nanny aligned. Entry and exit is with appointment and after doing all checks. There is complete adherence to NBCC norms such as fire drills and disaster management drills. All fire norms are followed to maintain the safety and security of the school. As a of the school. As a top schools in Gurgaon, we take the safety of our learners seriously.
We rank among the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon due to our Superior 3 in 1 Learning Method consisting of experiential learning, inquiry based learning and project based learning. The method is fully aligned with CBSE and NEP 2020 and provides exceptional value.
Our overall ratio is under 1:10, which is superior to most CBSE schools in Gurgaon. Our two schools in Gurgaon have open classrooms with multiple smaller learning zones in which children learn in smaller groups. We are among the very few Schools in Gurgaon that provide a personalised learning experience for all our learners.
We abide by the CBSE guidelines. An assessment and an interview is recommended by the school in order to establish mutual compatibility.
We encourage siblings to study together at the Best Schools in Gurgaon.
We understand that our parents have trusted us with their most precious asset, their children. So it is our foremost endeavour and commitment to provide them with the most nurturing, caring and competent teachers (we call our teachers Learning Leaders). The top 10 schools in Gurgaon tendinvest more in teacher acquisition and training, which is the one thing that sets a school apart.

The leading school ranking institutions such as EW Educationworld have ranked us among the top Gurgaon Schools because we employ a very stringent selection process for our teachers, which comprises sophisticated hiring tools such as written psychometric assessments, behavioural event interviews and multiple observations of classoom handling & teaching. Our objective is to tap the best talent available to deliver a high quality to our learners.
Outdoor- Basketball, football, volleyball, athletics, skating, kho-kho, cricket, tennis and skating Indoor- Carom, Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton, Yoga, Basketball, Gymnastics. (top schools in Gurgaon)
Yes, the school has new buses fitted with all safety features. The Best Schools in Gurgaon follows all the necessary guidelines like cameras, seat belts, speed limit control, fire extinguishers and female attendants. Contact details of the school written on the back of the school bus. Regular deep cleaning of buses is conducted, as are regular services of buses. GPS access is provided to all parents.

Looking for Best Schools in Gurgaon

Schools in Gurgaon are quite popular when it comes to academics, extra-curricular, facilities, infrastructure, etc. Gurgaon boasts of some of the best schools in the country which offer excellent education for prospective students.

The demand for education in Gurgaon has seen a massive rise over the decade. It was only a few years ago that Gurgaon experienced a drastic change with many people shifting to the city, and the need for education also went up. The residents of Gurgaon have high expectations for their children’s schooling. To select the best school for a child, parents hope to find the one close to their home. They aspire that their child’s academics and all-around development remain balanced.

top Schools in Gurgaon are affiliated with CBSE and there has been a shift in the teaching methods of these schools. These schools are influenced by digital classrooms and smart-class learning, and embracing progressive teaching methods such as experiential learning, inquiry based learning and project based learning.

The best schools in Gurgaon also inculcate human values, motivating students to acknowledge and respect those around them.

The sprawling campuses are intelligently mapped into aesthetically designed classrooms and distinct learning and play zones, encouraging young learners to engage in collaborative and fun learning. Besides mentoring students, the school trains its staff to stay abreast of the constantly evolving learning methods as well as technology.

Getting Admission in the Best Gurgaon Schools

Schools in New Gurgaon comprise mainly the area between Sectors 76-86, 89-93 and Sectors 82A, 88A, 89A, 95 and 95A. With more and more IT companies and industries coming up in this area, new families are moving to New Gurgaon for a greener and quieter experience. Families with young children are looking for good educational institutions.

Parents generally look for a school which is close to home, is a well known brand, has good infrastructure and has enough space for children to pursue different sports along with best pedagogy. Many of them want a school which encourages holistic development and not just one that meets only their scholastic needs.

There are two time tested ways to know if the school is right for your child. First is researching about the school through the internet and getting to know about the school from existing parents of the school. Second is taking the tour of the school, meeting the principal and staff to judge whether the child will be happy and productively engaged.

The first way can be covered by visiting the school website. Parents can check basic information about the school with this list:

Name of the School , Total campus Area of the school
Is it a K-12 school?
Principal’s profile and admission counsellor details.
Fee structure for the year with break-up (Annual Fee, Tuition fee, Stationary, Meals,Transport, etc.)
If meals are being provided how the nutritional value is kept in check
Number of Teaching staff - PGT, TGT, PRT
Number of Special educators and counsellors (if applicable)
Teacher to Student Ratio
Number and size of classrooms and labs
Toilet facility on every floor for students
Sports Field and sports training with facilities offered on campus
Grade 10 and 12 results, if any

The second way is to ask questions by visiting the school and meeting the outreach or school parent coordinator for any information missed out during online research.

Parents must ask for a school tour for interaction with the principal, teaching staff, to assess safety and security on the school premises and details of emergency protocols. Parents must ask questions on the learning methods used and the culture of the school. This is definitely the most important part of the school selection process.

Parents can also ask for intra or inter school competitions held at school and ask for participation of students and their achievements.

Note down your observation and make a comparative conscious choice between which of the CBSE Schools in Gurgaon would fit in best with your family values and aspirations.

The Rise of International Schools in Gurugram

The growing industrialization and urbanisation in Gurgaon have boosted the educational sector, leading to good international schools. Parents look for the best schools to enrol their budding stars.

Parents have many options when they search for Top Gurgaon schools. As a Parent when you look for a good school for your child you keep certain points in your mind for example - it should be pocket friendly, it should provide quality education, should be safety conscious and should focus on the holistic development of the child.

Here are some of the advantages of the good schools in Gurgaon which commit to giving your child a holistic experience.

Universal Curriculum-

The main benefit of a CBSE school is that it enables the child to continue with the same curriculum, even when moving from one place to another. This helps the child adapt easily to schools in different states/countries. CBSE, due to the NEP 2020, is being delivered using progressive teaching methods, thereby making it truly international.

Modern Teaching methods-

Good schools use modern teaching methods. Learners are given voice and choice in their individual interests. Teachers bring the best teaching methods to the table. Moreover, there is an emphasis on hands-on learning, which encourages an attitude of enquiry. The interactive methods of teaching instils a lifelong love for learning in your child. Research proven methods such as project based learning and experiential learning are now widely used in the global context. Leading schools and colleges across the world are adopting them.

Advanced Infrastructure-

From teaching methodologies to the use of modern devices, a good school is equipped with open and smart classrooms and resources to give real-life experiences that take your child's learning to a new level.

Individual attention and development-

A good student-teacher ratio ensures that the child gets more attention from the teacher. Since progressive schools don't have a competitive ranking system, especially in the primary years, the child can choose to learn at his/her own pace, which makes the learning experience positive and enjoyable.

These are some of the points parents can consider while looking to enrol their child in the Top 10 schools in Gurgaon, especially as they seek to make them global citizens.

CBSE Schools in Gurugram

Some of the reasons that make a CBSE school in Gurgaon the First Choice Of Parents are listed below:

1. A curriculum recognised by the Government of India:CBSE is recognised by the national level body of education and this clearly implies that the curriculum for various grades follows the Indian Government’s guidelines and instructions. The Universities and institutions globally accredited and accepted the CBSE curriculum. If the child wishes to fly to a foreign country to pursue higher studies, the curriculum would never be a problem.

p>2. The curriculum that focuses on indigenous and foreign languages: The academic enthusiasts enrolled under the directives of CBSE education boards can pursue learning modules in languages other than primary English and Hindi. The board has now introduced education modules in foreign languages such as German, Spanish, and French.

3. Preparation for competitive exams : Every parent envisages their child to stand out as a stellar careerist. A CBSE curriculum is specifically designed to help students enjoy an edge in numerous competitive exams like JEE, NEET and more. A CBSE-affiliated syllabus is quite comprehensive and advanced. It offers insightful learning, helping students stay ahead in numerous competitive exams.

4. CBSE learning modules include academics and co-curricular activities : Education alone is not efficient enough to brush the creative and cognitive skills of young scholars. Hence, a best CBSE school in Gurgaon will inspire and motivate students to participate in competitions outside of their academics in fields, such as sports, dance, music, yoga, drama, and more.

Types of Education Boards offered by Schools in Gurgaon

Schools in Gurgaon offer a variety of boards to choose from. Some schools offer more than one board while others exclusively offer a particular board. Let us better understand each board and its pros and cons. Other than the board, the teaching method is equally important. For example CBSE could be taught in a traditional or progressive way. And then of course there is the quality of teachers and culture which can make a school great or below average, irrespective of the board. The best schools in Gurgaon are expected to deliver high quality education irrespective of the board. Parents need to look at their context and goals, visit the schools, and only then make an informed decision.

Different types of boards

CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education. This is the main education board of India, it comes under the union government and includes both public and private schools.

ICSE/ISC: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and Indian School Certificate. It is a private board of education at the national level that was set up in 1956 which ultimately replaced the Cambridge board to provide Indian children with high quality education.

IB: International Baccalaureate: Based out of Geneva, Switzerland and aims to develop lifelong learners. Over 50 years old and available across thousands of schools worldwide.

Pro and cons

CBSE pros

  • To develop the child’s personality and intellect
  • More aligned for science and maths
  • Better for competitive exams
  • Becoming progressive due to the New Education Policy (NEP 2020)
  • Supports project based learning (PBL)
  • Improved assessment systems due to the NEP 2020

CBSE cons

  • Excessive focus on competitive exams
  • 100% of the marks in grades 10 and 12 come from CBSE board exams


  • More focus on language, arts and science
  • Better for management, literature or arts
  • Appropriate for those who want to take TOEFL
  • Separate physics, chemistry, maths and biology before grade 10
  • 20% of the marks come from internal assessments
  • More focus on application based learning


  • The ageing system is not evolving at the rate CBSE is. Less funds and budgets for improvements hence its popularity is slowly eroding

IB pros

  • Child centric
  • Based on inquiry to make children think
  • Children own their learning experiences
  • Offers standardised worldwide education and exams
  • In-depth concepts explored and no prescribed textbook

IB cons

  • Expensive and less value for money when compared to CBSE schools that also offer progressive teaching methods
  • Unsuitable if parents want to send children to Indian colleges (children also lose marks while converting for Indian colleges)

Selecting the right school in Gurgaon for your child

There are a lot of great schools in Gurgaon and it can be tough to decide which one is right for your child.

Match the strengths of the child to the school -

Each school has its own strengths and weaknesses. It's important to find a school that fits your child's needs and abilities. For example, if your child is very creative, you might want to look for a school that has a strong arts program. Or, if your child is very athletic, you might want to find a school with a strong sports program.

Visit the school

It is important to visit the schools you're considering. You can learn a lot about a school by talking to the teachers and administrators and by seeing the school in person.

Culture of the school

There are a lot of different ways to measure the quality of a School, and School Rankings are one way to get a general idea of how a school is performing. However, it's important to remember that these rankings are usually based on perception, not hard data. So while they can be helpful, they shouldn't be the only factor you consider when choosing a school for your child.

Other factors that are the learning environment, and how well the school meets your child's individual needs. To get a better idea of these things, you can talk to other parents, visit the school in person, or read online reviews.

At the end of the day, the best way to choose a school is to find one that you feel will be the best fit for your child. Rankings can be helpful, but they shouldn't be the only thing you look at.

When touring a school, be sure to take note of the following:

- How people treat each other. This includes staff, students, and parents.

- The level of engagement between teachers and students.

- How well the students seem to be learning.

- Who is doing most of the talking (and the work). This will give you a good indication of who is doing the learning.

-What is the annual staff turnover? (Anything more than 10% is a concern)

-How many teachers are usually absent on any given day? (Any number beyond 5% is a concern)

-How is the school's curriculum structured?

-What are your class sizes?

-Are there any unique features or programs that make this school stand out from others?

-Do you have any suggestions of other schools we should consider?

Remember to thank them for their time and insights!

Here are some good questions to ask students during your school visit

-What are you working on and where do you need to improve?

-Are there any bullies in the school and what happens to them?

-Are you able to understand what the teacher is teaching? What happens when you miss something out?

-Which subjects do you not like and the reasons?

-Can you approach your teachers (and head of the school) without any fear?