Kindergarten School

Kindergarten provides children with the opportunity to learn and practice the essential social, emotional, and problem-solving skills that they will need throughout their lives. This is where core cognitive skills are developed and the primary skills required for reading, counting, and social interaction are put in place.
With Open Space Learning Classrooms, we help our kindergarten learners to amplify the learning experience. Children do not simply sit around and learn things, but they build and learn from hands-on experience.
Our kindergarten learners are encouraged in their natural curiosity and creativity. Problem-Based Learning provides for big guiding questions which the learner then is allowed to explore as they seek understanding. The role of the Learning Leader is to help and guide the learners to find answers to their questions. This may involve the learner seeking information directly from parents and community members. It can produce outcomes like posters, songs, dances, presentations, experiments, and more.
Another key of Problem-Based Learning is that all learning is connected to the real world. Kindergarten learners respond to inquiries about their world, and in doing so they are able to immediately apply learning to their situations. By framing questions about the real world, we provide learners with integrated subject information. Literacy and numeracy are not discrete subjects but are incorporated naturally together in solving problems.
As the only Kindergarten school in Gurgaon to follow Problem-Based Learning, our learners develop a foundation in critical thinking and problem solving from an early age. As they progress through kindergarten and beyond, learners are well-positioned for academic success. By consistently asking open ended questions and making the learning child-centric, our Learning Leaders create self-motivated and creative learners. Kindergarten is the place to begin building the foundation for learners to be encouraged in their curiosity and to have the skills to follow their own lines of inquiry.
What’s more, our kindergarten learners develop more than just academics. Our Vega Values are incorporated into our lessons so learners begin to understand larger concepts of social responsibility and their role in society. They become more self-aware and learn to work collaboratively. Learners are encouraged to apply their learning to have a positive impact on their surroundings. As kindergarten learners, their focus is generally on their small circle of family, friends, and community workers.
The outcomes for even these young kindergarten learners include public speaking and presentation skills. Learners take ownership of their learning and have opportunities at our Student Led Conferences to share what they have learned in front of family, learning leaders and peers.
Vega Schools, rated one of the top innovative schools in India and one of the best schools in Gurgaon, provides the ideal environment for your kindergarten child.

Projects Examples

Me to us

This kindergarten project empowered learners to take initiative and become responsible at a young age. It encouraged them to become creative thinkers and caring individuals. Through this project, they understood the different ways in which they can take care of their basic needs, belongings and the people around them. They also learned about the initial steps they needed to take to lead a healthy life. Learners developed sensitivity towards animals and plants and understood their importance in our lives. They created organisers for personal use or gifting (made using waste materials, keeping in mind the 3Rs), binoculars and sensory trays, made their own ‘Daily Routine Charts’, family trees and did a role play based on the concepts learned. This project helped learners realise that caring for themselves and the well-being of others, will not only make them happy but also contribute to making their immediate environment a happier one.

Me the explorer

This project aimed to nurture our kindergarten learners’ natural curiosity. Throughout, they were encouraged to ask any questions which came to mind, followed by engaging activities, experiments and exploration in order to find answers to their own questions. During this process they learned that humans require certain basic things to survive, which are called ‘basic needs’, and that travelling could also be considered a basic human need. They also realised that in order to meet these needs most people needed to work and earn money, while others (‘self-producers’) grew, made, and built things that helped them meet their own needs. Through this kindergarten project learners also understood the importance of experimentation and its applications and how to use their knowledge to make their own tools. They created their own travel logs, made ‘craft suitcases’ using 3D shapes and clothes for their fictional ‘travel buddies’ made using different textures/materials. They created instruments such as spectrometers and pan flutes, and did experiments to test sound. This gave learners an opportunity to explore things around them, express themselves and learn the art of asking meaningful questions.

Admission Procedure

School admission is one of the most crucial steps in a young learner’s life. It marks the beginning of their academic journey. Choosing the school for your child is incredibly important to ensure that they are provided with the right learning environment right from the start. It would help improve the child’s prospects and make sure they are given the right kind of opportunities to live up to their full potential.
This is why parents who have big ambitions for their young ones leave no stone unturned in making sure their child’s School Admission 2022-23 process is smooth and seamless. But while this process is relatively straightforward, it can help to have all the important steps broken down to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.
Below are the important steps to make sure that your child’s admission process at Vega Schools is streamlined and hassle free.
Step-1: Fill Up the Registration Form
The first step in the kindergar admissions process is filling up and submitting the registration form. This form requires you to fill up a few details about the student and submit a registration fee. You can find our registration form here to be filled.
Once you fill-up the form and submit the registration fee, it’s time to move ahead in the admissions process.
Step–2: Interaction / Assessment with the learning leaders
Once you are done with filling up the Registration form The 2nd step in the admission procedure at Vega Schools, is the interaction with the Learning Leaders(Teachers)
Collect all the Important Documents
The following documents are required at the time of kindergarten admissions –
  • Copy of Child’s birth certificate
  • Copy of Child’s immunization detail
  • Copy of residence proof
  • 4 Passport sized photographs of Father, Mother and Child(separately)
  • Duly filled admission form
  • Copy of progress report from the previous school
  • Copy of Adhaar Card of Father, Mother and Child
It’s better to keep all these documents handy before starting the kindergarten admissions process to make sure there’s no obstacle.
Step-3: Visit the School Campus
Once you have completed the preliminary formalities, you can schedule a visit to the campus. Here you can interact with the head of admissions, head of school, and school teachers to get direct insights about any further formalities.
This is also a good opportunity for the child to visit the school and get familiarized with the campus and their educators. This can be incredibly helpful as it would allow them to feel more comfortable on their first day.
So, these were some of the most important steps that parents need to keep in mind before starting their child’s kindergarten admissions process. By following these steps, parents can ensure that they don’t miss out on anything and get their child admitted into the school of their choice. But before you even begin the process of kindergarten admissions, it’s essential to prepare your child for this transformative journey mentally.
As kindergarten is a crucial step into the outside world for children, it’s important to ensure that they are prepared. This is why parents must have candid conversations with the child and allow them to speak about their views on this change.