Happy Place to Work
Great Place to Learn


  • + Love Children
  • + Love to find new and better ways to do things
  • + Like a good debate, even one with seniors


  • + Want to transform education
  • + Care more about your intelligence and values (than your degrees)
  • + Aren’t afraid to make mistakes
Dr Steven Edwards

Dr Steven Edwards

Co-Founder, Vega Schools

At Vega, we believe in creating a happy and nurturing environment for everyone.We believe in the development of our people. Right from study tours to our partner schools of the Global Schools Alliance, to sessions and workshops with the leading global education experts - learning and growth are at the heart of Vega. I personally oversee and conduct teacher training.

People and Culture - Everything Begins with Our People




We take great pride in our culture that is based on warmth and happiness. We ensure all our people make progress in their meaningful work and that they are appreciated.

Our Teachers

At Vega our teachers are known as Learning Leaders. Our teachers are warm, kind and curious and are not shackled by conventional methods. They are flexible to unlearn and learn new approaches.

We Train Our Teachers to..

  • + Design and deliver relevant learner-centered instruction and assessment
  • + Empower the learner and others to collaborate around improving learning outcomes
  • + Have a growth mindset towards teaching and learning
  • + Purposefully reflect upon pertinent learning evidence (data) and model this for others
  • + Be passionate about teaching and learning with a commitment to meeting the learning needs of every learner
  • + Aim for deeper learning and impact for every child

Rewards and Recognitions

The purpose of rewards and recognition at Vega is to motivate our team members and acknowledge that they are appreciated. We value and appreciate the loyalty, commitment and high level of skill brought by every member of the Vega family.

Professional Development and Career Growth

International study tours to the Global Schools Alliance (GSA) schools across the world and professional development courses overseen by the world’s leading educators. Above - Study Tours to our GSA schools: Freemans Bay and Stonefields School, Auckland, New Zealand and Liger Learning Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Global Education Experts who have Trained The Vega Schools Faculty

Steve Edwards

Lene Jensby Lange

Andy Raymer

David Price

Pawan Gupta

Micheal Chapman