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At Vega, we believe in creating a happy and nurturing environment for everyone.We believe in the development of our people. Right from study tours to our partner schools of the Global Schools Alliance, to sessions and workshops with the leading global education experts - learning and growth are at the heart of Vega. I personally oversee and conduct teacher training.A culture of kindness where everyone feels safe to explore, express and experiment without fear is what the entire Vega team is committed to. Our teachers (learning leaders) have enormous freedom to be co-designers and co-creators of the entire learning process and the flexibility of implementing our unique PBL (Problem based learning) curriculum.I invite you to join our incredible journey!

Dr Steven Edwards
Vega Schools

Why are people and culture so important in a school?

We created a People and Culture department. We brought in professionals and coaches from the corporate sector to help us. People who had enabled and thrived in a happy environment. We did our best to onboard principals and senior leaders who were warm and approachable.

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Global Education Experts who have trained The Vega Schools faculty

Andy Raymer

David Price

Lene Jensby Lange

Pawan Gupta

Steve Edwards

Micheal Chapman

Study Tours to our GSA schools: Freemans Bay and Stonefields School, Auckland, New Zealand

I moved from a corporate job to teaching profession at Vega. Working with learners here taught me to be lot more patient. I learnt to be a good co-worker because of a collaborative way of working at Vega, respecting different perspectives resulting in more harmony and respect in all my relationships.

Every day is a new day at Vega. I can explore and try out new things for my learners every single day at Vega. It has given me wings to fly the way I want to.

As a child I used to be very scared of my teachers. This prevented me from giving my best in my studies. After joining Vega, I pledged to be a teacher who would care for each learner with love and empathy. I am glad Vega gave me this opportunity to be like this every single day.


When my son started attending school, I understood there is something wrong with education world and parenting styles. I learnt new mindsets and parenting styles, respecting the uniqueness of each child. I wanted to teach this to others too. That's how I came into teaching. My personal values resonate so well with Vega and is giving me an opportunity to bring about this shift in the mindset in parents and learners which I struggled through earlier. This leaves me with an immense sense of fulfilment and joy.


My thinking about education world has changed after joining Vega. It has changed the way I talk to my own child, to other children also. Vega's learner centric approach enabled me to appreciate the fact that children don't judge and label others. Adults do. Vega kindled my aspiration to research on easy ways about how children learn, how to design age appropriate, learner specific learning strategies. It's an amazing world to explore.


Love children
Love to find new and better ways to do things
Like a good debate, even one with your seniors


Want to transform education
Care more about your intelligence and values (than your degrees)
Aren’t afraid to make mistakes

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