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Vega Schools Sector 48

Founder’s message

Vega Schools have been scientifically designed (original design by FNI, USA) based on research keeping in mind the superior methods of teaching and learning. Our campuses are based on Open Learning Zones which provide individual attention and differentiation for all our learners. All children need to be taught differently so they can be the best of the best. According to research there is no reason for schools to have conventional classrooms with last rows. Medical research confirms there is no rationale for fixed seating, and that sitting for long hours is detrimental to physical development. Children learn best when they have flexible and adaptable seating. They remain healthy and attentive when they are moving around in the open learning zones which can be configured for different types of learning. In a city where air pollution levels are high and now that we live in a COVID-19 world, our air conditioned open and spacious learning zones are built with PM 2.5 air filters. The campuses are in sync with WHO (COVID-19) guidelines. Our campuses boast of large indoor and outdoor sports facilities. We are the pioneers in India to provide state of the art facilities that are carefully designed to bring the best out of each and every child.
Sandeep Hooda
Vega Schools


Research shows that a large number of school-going children in India suffer from poor lung health, with Delhi NCR ranking as the worst affected. Levels of indoor pollutants may be as much as two to five times higher than outdoor levels. In order to ensure the good health and wellbeing of our learners and staff, we have installed a centralised indoor air (PM2.5) filtration system making Vega Schools as one of the Best Schools in Gurgaon for provision of pollution free environment.


Vega emphasizes the importance of healthy eating habits as part of healthy living in its learners from an early age. The school provides nutritious fresh quality food prepared in its own hygienic kitchen. We aim not only to teach our learners healthy eating habits but to connect it to ‘real-life’ and give them a better understanding of what food is, what it does to our body and where it comes from. This focus on nutrition again makes Vega Schools one of the top schools in Gurgaon for inculcating healthy eating habits.


Learner safety is a non-negotiable at Vega; every decision is consciously evaluated against our stringent standards. Learner safety norms are followed at every level from the time they board the bus in the morning until the time they arrive safely home.


Vega Schools provides world-class facilities ranging from classrooms design, temperature-controlled & filtration purified air environment, outdoor & indoor sports and a secure transport for its learners in line with its positioning as one of the best schools in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

Environment-friendly classes Indoor & Outdoor

The school has a world-class centralized indoor air (PM2.5) filtration system installation in-place. This keeps our students healthy and fit inside the campus from all the outside pollution. The filtration system is set-up specifically keeping in mind the air-pollution in NCR & Delhi regions.

Healthy Vega Kitchen

Nutritious food that is fresh, healthy, and hygienically prepared in our own kitchen . A strict check is kept on the quality of the food.

Air-conditioned classrooms for the best learning environment

Multiple Sports Arenas

200m athletics track

Badminton Court

Table tennis & Skating facilities

Creative, Academic & Brainstorming Facilities

Dance room, Music room, Art room, Computer lab, Library, and an Auditorium.

Trusted Vega Bus Service