Our Activities


Campers explore various dance styles with expert instructors, developing rhythm, coordination, and a joy for expressive movement. This program boosts confidence and encourages self-expression in a fun, supportive environment.


This program introduces children to different sports, helping them discover their interests and develop skills such as teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. Our approach focuses on fun and lifelong love for physical activity.

Art and Craft

Children dive into their creative sides with activities ranging from painting to clay modeling. Our art and craft sessions are perfect for enhancing fine motor skills and stimulating imagination in a calming, therapeutic setting.


With a focus on fun and fundamentals, our gymnastics program teaches agility, strength, and coordination. It’s conducted in a safe environment where each child is encouraged to reach new heights and celebrate their achievements.


Our music sessions offer an introduction to various instruments and vocal practice, enhancing children’s understanding of rhythm, melody, and harmony. It’s a wonderful way for campers to express themselves and develop cognitive skills through music.


Theatre at Vega Schools is an immersive experience where children learn acting, improvisation, and script analysis. This activity enhances communication skills, emotional intelligence, and creativity, fostering a supportive community environment where every child can shine.

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