As learners reach the concluding years of their foundational education, they must be prepared for the challenges of significant exams, including those related to university admissions. At Vega, the capstone of Problem Based Learning is enabling learners to have the most options available to them as well as the self-knowledge to determine their preferred course in life.
The courses provided at these grade levels require ever deeper levels of understanding and application of content. Specialized Learning Leaders with years of experience in their subject areas and CBSE apply our distinct pedagogical approach to prepare learners to face the challenges ahead of them. School counseling services are also provided by experienced staff working individually with learners, guiding them through the transition from senior school to university.
The newly opened campus in Sector 76 has fully equipped labs for authentic learning and hands-on experiences in chemistry, physics, IT, and more. We prepare learners for the future through offerings like Artificial Intelligence, Maker Spaces, and Shram (community service/social awareness). Vega senior school develops learners in increasingly advanced technical academic knowledge but continues to focus on personal growth and development.
At this level, there are more elective offerings and opportunities for learners to investigate their interests. Clubs like Model United Nations allow students to compete with other schools while learning more about the global environment. Competitions and tournaments in sports such as basketball, football, tennis, badminton, track and field, cricket and more allow for development of individual skills as well as important lessons taught through teamwork.
Additional opportunities include participation in exchanges and conferences with members of the Global Schools Alliance. Our learners get a broader global perspective and a personal connection with other learners, their countries and their cultures. This also provides important connections for our learners who may be interested in attending universities in these countries.
In true Vega fashion, our learners are well-prepared for a fulfilling life. They have all the tools to effectively tackle any challenge. They also have deep academic knowledge and can apply that to whichever field of study they want to pursue. Our learners also see themselves as a contributor to society and care about their communities and the people around them. They can be world changers!