It is a social responsibility initiative by Vega leaners for self-growth, enhanced awareness, and understanding of community and ‘real-life’ issues. With this in mind, it has been integrated into the curriculum, using a graded approach, from pre-nursery onwards.
Shram Program

WHY श्रम (SHRAM)?

With the right community service ideas and opportunities from pre-nursery to 12th, young people can move from developing an idea of self to an understanding of how they can help solve societal problems. This developmental process fosters empathy within a child and builds their identity as a responsible citizen of the future. It therefore becomes important for them to make social work/community service a habit and a way of life rather than something forced upon them. Research also shows empathy is a prime quality required in top leadership positions around the world.
At Vega we view social responsibility and resulting values as intrinsic to every child’s development. Engaging them actively from early childhood years will lead them to become proactive, mindful and productive citizens of the future. We believe that it is important for our learners to become self-reliant and mindful of their own environment & surroundings while thinking beyond themselves: their family and underprivileged & vulnerable communities as well.
This thinking feeds directly into Vega’s PBL pedagogy of taking a driving question, and through inquiry and innovation and using 21st-century skills of critical thinking & collaboration, create a product that can be used by those who need it.


The implementing body of Shram

Unmukt is a voluntary organization formed by learners of grades III and V as a product of one of their projects in September 2018.
Born from the thought by learners that all knowledge and understanding gained by them about core content of diseases, health, and hygiene, was futile if they could not apply it meaningfully and make a difference in the community, they forged ahead with this altruistic intent and created Unmukt, developing their own vision, mission, and goal statements.
Later, Unmukt has evolved into the implementing body of all social work/call to action projects undertaken by the learners at Vega.