Vega Schools' Sector 76 campus stands out as a premier educational institution in New Gurgaon, offering a comprehensive learning experience for senior students. This campus, distinguished among the top gurgaon schools, exemplifies Vega's dedication to innovative education by addressing the specific needs of older students while providing cutting-edge labs and extensive co-curricular facilities.

Featuring advanced labs for Science, Maths, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, the campus is renowned among the top schools in new Gurgaon for seamlessly integrating hands-on learning with technology. This approach not only fosters innovation and critical thinking but also equips students to tackle future challenges confidently:

Science Lab: Engages students in diverse experiments, nurturing a deep understanding of scientific principles.

Maths Lab: Transforms abstract concepts into tangible experiences, enriching mathematical comprehension through interactive tools.

Composite Lab: Offers a holistic learning approach, showcasing the interconnection between various academic disciplines.

Biology Lab: Provides sophisticated tools for exploring life sciences, enhancing students' understanding of living organisms.

Physics Lab: Focuses on experiential learning in physical sciences, covering a range of topics from mechanics to electromagnetism.

In addition to these state-of-the-art labs, the Vega School Sector 76 campus boasts exceptional indoor and outdoor sports facilities spread across a sprawling area comprising a 1-acre front field and a 2-acre rear field. Students have access to a wide range of sports including badminton, basketball, football, gymnastics, skating, table tennis, track and field, yoga, chess, carrom, tennis, and cricket. These facilities underscore the significance of physical education alongside academic achievements, fostering holistic development which list us among the best schools in Gurgaon.

Vega Schools' commitment to a dynamic and flexible educational environment cements its position as the best school in Gurgaon for promoting movement, interaction, and enhanced cognitive skills. As one of the top 10 schools in Gurgaon, Vega Schools at Sector 76 not only prioritizes academic excellence but also endeavors to nurture empathetic leaders and innovators ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Classes Offered

Vega Schools' Sector 76 campus, distinguished as a leading Gurgaon institution, offers classes spanning :
Lower KG
Upper KG
Grade I to XII
Recognized as the best school in Gurgaon, Vega Schools delivers a seamless educational journey from early childhood to the senior years. From Pre-Nursery to Grade XII, students at the Sector 76 campus immerse themselves in a comprehensive curriculum designed to nurture critical thinking, creativity, and leadership qualities. Vega Schools at Sector 76 prepares students not only for academic achievements but also for personal and professional success, empowering them to make meaningful contributions in an ever-evolving world.

Student Activities

(Juniors Grade II to V)

Why Vega Schools Sector 76 Campus is the Best School in Sector 76, Gurugram

Vega Schools' Sector 76 campus shines as the premier educational institution in Sector 76 Gurugram, setting the standard for excellence among schools in the new gurgaon. Renowned as the best school in Gurgaon, Vega Schools Sector 76 offers a comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for success in academics and beyond.
At Vega Schools Sector 76, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators. Our comprehensive curriculum, spanning from Pre-Nursery to Grade 12, focuses on fostering critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills among students. With a team of highly trained senior school teachers, including PhDs and professionals like former rugby players serving as sports coaches, we ensure that students receive the highest quality education and extracurricular experiences.
As the only North Indian school member of the Global Schools Alliance, Vega Schools Sector 76 provides students and teachers with access to global learning, relationships, and exchanges. This international partnership enriches the educational experience, preparing students to thrive in a globalized world.
Our Sector 76 campus boasts top-notch facilities, including open learning spaces and a centralized air filtration system, ensuring a conducive environment for learning and overall well-being. With a warm and inclusive culture, Vega Schools Sector 76 is not just a school; it is a community where every child feels valued and supported.
Recognized as one of the top Gurgaon schools, Vega Schools Sector 76 has received numerous awards and accolades for its excellence in education. Our commitment to providing a holistic educational experience, coupled with our focus on health and safety, makes Vega Schools Sector 76 the best choice for parents seeking quality education in Sector 76, Gurugram, and beyond.

Clubs at Vega Schools

Seniors (Grades VI to XII)

Editorial Club

The Editorial Club nurtures aspiring writers, editors, and journalists, offering students the opportunity to hone their writing skills, editorial judgment, and the mechanics of publishing through the production of newsletters, blogs, and school publications.

Greenhouse Club

In the Greenhouse Club, students get their hands dirty learning about botany, sustainable agriculture, and the science of plant growth, fostering a connection with nature and understanding of food sources.

Octave Club + Sound Technology Club

This unique blend of clubs offers students the chance to explore the world of music and sound production, from learning musical instruments in the Octave Club to delving into the technical aspects of sound engineering and recording in the Sound Technology Club.

Choir Club

The Choir Club provides a platform for students to enhance their vocal abilities, learn about musical harmony, and perform in various school and community events, promoting teamwork and cultural appreciation through music.

Theatre Club + Literature Club

Merging drama with the written word, this club allows students to delve into literature and theatrical expressions, enhancing their understanding of classic and contemporary works while developing acting and public speaking skills.

Visual Arts Club

The Visual Arts Club encourages students to explore their creativity through painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital art, offering a space for artistic expression and appreciation of visual aesthetics.

Teachers on Campus

At Vega Schools' Sector 76 campus, learners benefit from a team of highly trained senior school teachers who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. With a commitment to excellence in education, these teachers inspire and empower students from Pre-Nursery to Grade 12 to reach their full potential academically and beyond.

Our Learning Leaders of all cohorts- early years, Primary, Middle, School and High School hold expertise in encouraging learning among students using interactive discussions, assessment tools, creative lesson planning, individualized education plans & ‘hands-on’ approaches to help students learn the subjects. They have relevant subject degrees, including PhDs, advanced diploma and are specialists in their respective subjects. They are Out-of-the-box thinkers with experience in designing & implementing practices in education, including interactive and innovative training as well as educational content for learners of different aptitude.Through years of teaching and continuous professional development, they have honed their craft and mastered their respective subjects.Whether it's offering academic advice, lending a sympathetic ear, or providing words of encouragement, these learning leaders play a crucial role in helping learners navigate the complexities of adolescence and develop into confident, well-rounded individuals.

In our school, the commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals extends beyond the confines of the classroom. Integral to this ethos is our dedicated co-scholastic team, composed of experienced teachers and coaches who passionately contribute to the holistic development of our learners. Our SPEED team includes very experienced teachers offering specialized sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton and Gymnastics. Not only do they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team, but they also serve as mentors and role models for our learners.The campus is proud to have professionals such as a National Rugby players, Head Coach of Delhi State Senior Women's Football Team serving as sports coaches, enriching the extracurricular experience for students. Our co-scholastic team plays a pivotal role in nurturing artistic expression and creativity among students. Whether it's through music, drama, dance, or visual arts, our team provides platforms for students to explore their passions and showcase their talents. Through workshops, performances, and exhibitions, they encourage students to embrace their creativity, express themselves authentically, and develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Specifically for Learning Leaders, we have well defined professional development opportunities like internal promotions, international study tours to the best PBL schools in the world, and professional development courses. The objective essentially is to strengthen the various renewal processes & systems in the School, create opportunities for introspection and develop suitable programs that build and strengthen the overall Organisation Capability. Specific Academic Training for our Learning Leaders are calendarised throughout the year by internal and external experts to enhance their skills and knowledge of PBL pedagogy. These training sessions are focussed of updating our learning leaders about the latest research on teaching learning practices around the world. Dr Steven Edwards, our Co founder does regular training on PBL methodology with the teaching team. Learning Leaders do workshops on Jodo Gyan and Phonetics and Assessments for better implementation of PBL pedagogy.

Student Activities

Seniors (Grades VI to XII)