Best Play Schools in Gurgaon

When we refer to home we refer to a place with a feeling of warmth, love, comfort, acceptance and many other positive emotions. Best Play schools in Gurgaon offer this feeling of ‘home’ with the benefits of early years pedagogy. The best play school and daycare in Gurgaon should be a caring place where children are visibly happy and at the same time are engaged in developmentally appropriate programs.

Top Play Schools in Gurgaon

Can a toddler be left alone at home?

We know a toddler or for that matter any child should not be left alone at home. It is not safe to leave children with Nannies and housekeepers either. However, with more and more couples choosing careers with long working hours it has become a necessity in cities like Gurgaon to have good daycare schools and play schools.
Entrust your child to a centre that has expertise in caregiving
Best play schools should be managed by committed and passionate teachers along with support staff that has a background in caregiving. The teachers are able to personalise the experience to accommodate the social and emotional needs of children as well. Best known play schools ensure well-lit, temperature controlled spaces with world class safety standards. Utmost hygiene is top priority in food and surroundings as well.
Engagement of kids with fun learning activities
Vega’s playschool keeps its kids engaged by using different games and activities that indirectly revolve around academics for example numbers or letters. There are several activities that we do around colours, paper folding, origami and art activities which cover topics from science like seasons, health and hygiene or creating new colours, mixing colours etc. These activities promote cognitive growth, creativity and build fine motor skills in kids.
Teach collaboration at a young age
Most of the activities in the Best Play Schools in Gurgaon are done in groups depending on the age of the children. These are subtle ways of exposing the children to collaboration, team work, peer teaching , respecting differences and many more.
Indoor and outdoor games
Top Play Schools in Gurgaon also involve kids in indoor and outdoor games depending on the weather. These activities certainly enhance their mental and physical development. Games and sports support development of gross motor skills, eye hand and eye foot coordination and teamwork. These milestones go a long way in developing agility, speed and flexibility in the body structure of growing kids.
At the end of the day a good play school should be a loving and happy place. All Top Play Schools in Gurgaon ensure parents are completely satisfied about the safety and comfort of their kids. Parents look forward to their kids coming back home in their arms, fulfilled and satisfied.
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