Vega Events

Annual Vega Sports Day (both Campuses) - 11th March, 2023

Highlights from the Vega Schools’ Sports Day held at our Sector 76 campus on 11 March 2023! We are so proud of our students and a special thanks to all the parents who attended.

Science Fair (Sector-48) - 6th February, 2023

Highlights from Vega Schools’ Science fair (Sec 48 campus) where the learners chose from physics, chemistry, biology, robotics, environmental science etc and the results showed how ‘learning by doing’ enhanced their skills beyond their grade level.

Science Exhibition ( Sector-76) - 2nd February, 2023

Highlights from Vega Schools’ Science fair (Sec 76 campus) where the learners demonstrated their skills from an area of science that interests them.

Christmas Assembly (both campus) - 24th January, 2023

We welcomed the holiday season with an assembly where each and every child performed before their parents.

Christmas Carnival - 25th December, 2022

A glimpse into our Christmas Carnival held at the Sector 76 campus.

Annual Day - Sector-76 - 18th December, 2022

The Annual Day of Vega Schools , sector 76 witnessed a flawless play by junior grade learners - ‘Wide Mouthed Frog and ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’, by senior grade students.

Annual Day - Sector-48 - 17th December, 2022

Guru Shishya Parampara - This was the theme for the impressive performance by the learners of Campus 48 during the Annual day - Meraki.

Halloween - 15th November, 2022

Vega Schools’ Halloween Event was one one of the spookiest in town! The event was a huge success with active participation from over 1500 guests including parents and children.

M.U.N. sector-76 - 9th November, 2022

Vega Schools participated an inter-school Model United Nations (MUN) conducted by IIMUN (India's International Movement to Unite Nations)

Art Exhibition - 31st October, 2022

Our Art Exhibition showcased beautiful work created by our learners. This included origami, quilling, pottery and a lot more. The parents and guests were delighted to witness the exhibition.

Bri-books Event - 11th October, 2022

The Young Authors Fair organised by Vega Schools in collaboration with Bri-Books resulted in 50 of our learners now being published authors at such a young age. Vega Schools believe in learning by doing and giving its learners the lifelong confidence they need to be ready for all future challenges.

Fifty learners were awarded certificates, three were given Jury awards and the Top 3 Best sellers received special prizes at the event.

Hindi Diwas - 19th September, 2022

We celebrated Hindi diwas with our esteemed guest of honour Ms Monica Yadav (@monikaa_ydv) who is a celebrated poet and blogger. Here is a glimpse of the day our learners spent with her.

Vega Conclave - 26th August, 2022

The Vega Inter-School Conclave 2022 was very well attended (6 visiting schools plus Vega), and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The learners (students) were excited to make new friends. Having teams made up of learners from different schools was a great experience for all of them. The panelists were impressed with the learners' collaboration and mutual support as well as the great products presented. We are so proud of everyone who helped put this together and thank all the participating schools for an overwhelming response.

Investiture Ceremony - 24th August, 2022

The learners voted for their Student’s Council and the chosen representatives took oath at the Investiture Ceremony held at both the Vega Schools’ campuses. Vega provides real life opportunities for future ready leaders.

International Yoga Day - 15th June, 2022

Our learners practice yoga as a matter of routine. Not only does it improve balance, strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity in children, it is also the most effective path to mindfulness and mental well being.

Meeting with Community Leaders-15th May, 2022

Ubuntu- 4th December, 2022

Positive Parenting tips – How to be a Mindful Parent

by Dr. Aditi Kaul 29th May 2020 at 5:00pm

Precautions and care when Schools re-open.

by Dr. Siddhartha Gogia 17 June, 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Navigating the New Normal with Your Child.

by Dr. Roma Kumar 28 June, 5:00pm – 6:00pm

“Enchanting tales on Friendship – From the World of Animals”.

by Ms. Monika Tandon 11 July, 11.30 am.