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Ways To Keep My Child Occupied During Vacation

May 26, 2022 By Sandy Hooda, Co-founder of Vega Schools

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, many families begin to plan their summer vacations. For parents, summertime is a chance to relax and spend quality time with their children. However, with work and other commitments, it can be difficult to find the time to take a long vacation. As a result, many parents are forced to get creative in order to keep their children entertained during the summer months.

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Activities to Keep Kids Sharp and Happy during School Holidays

May 25, 2022 By Team Vega

Learning can be fun. Children can have fun and learn in the process. With vacations coming up, children look forward to free play, sports, movies, and yes, lots of screen time. In balance, all these activities are perfectly fine. Parents can also introduce their children to other fun activities that will keep their children both sharp and happy.

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How to have fun dinner conversations with your kids

May 25, 2022 By Sandy Hooda, Co-Founder, Vega Schools

How to have fun dinner conversation with your kids. In this frenetic world, one in which there is little or no downtime, dinner time holds a special place. It’s a time when we can most easily come together as a family. Dinner is one time of the day when everyone is free from their daily activities and is generally at home.

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Top Skills That Should Be Taught In Schools

May 23, 2022 By Daniel Curry, Director & Principal, Vega Schools

Top Skills That Should Be Taught In Schools is ability to do research,ability to apply what has been learned,to operate in situations where there is no right answer, ability to collaborate and negotiate,to be able to communicate effectively, the ability to listen.These skills can be taught in top schools in gurgaon.

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How less pressure leads to more learning

May 20, 2022 By Sandy Hooda, Co-Founder, Vega Schools

In the past, classroom learning has been associated with the words boredom, burdensome, fearsome, discipline, strictness and uninspiring. Many children go through school experiencing one of more of these experiences.

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What kind of emotional counselling do you provide as my child has personality development issues or (any) behavioural issues?

May 13, 2022 By Daniel Curry, Director & Principal, Vega Schools

After a solid two years of pandemic, many parents are concerned about the social-emotional development of their children. Exposure to other children has been limited, students have been isolated online for studies, and fear of Covid exposure continues to impact the community.

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My child is very intelligent and creative, how do you make sure he/she is challenged enough in the classroom?

May 10, 2022 By Daniel Curry, Director & Principal, Vega Schools

We firmly believe that all children have natural intelligence, creativity and particular strengths. It is the responsibility of schools to discover and foster those strengths.

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Fun things my child can do during the summer break

May 07, 2022 By Jayshree Guha Thakurta, Vice- Principal, Vega Schools

As summer has set in, parents and children are busy planning their vacations together to get away to cooler places, to the hills or by the sea.

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How to communicate with your child’s teacher - Do’s and Dont’s

May 06, 2022 By Vasavdatta Sarkar

In earlier times children were seen and not heard. Well times have changed hugely and now they speak and parents listen! In this context, handling your child and helping him achieve his dreams and goals becomes a lot easier if you (parent) have a good bond with his teacher.

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Old world and New world Teachers

May 03, 2022 By Vasavdatta Sarkar

The saying Change is the only Constant was never truer than when during the pandemic, the world witnessed how teachers rose to the occasion and created a learning environment that retained the buoyancy in the system and kept it dynamic.

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Multilingual schools - which languages to select for my child?

April 29, 2022 By Sandy Hooda, Co-Founder, Vega Schools

The best schools in Gurgaon offer a variety of languages. According to NEP 2020, over 85% of the brain development has taken place by the time a child is six years old.

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Difference between conventional and progressive teaching methods

April 26, 2022 By Sandy Hooda, Co-Founder, Vega Schools
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Do I have to send my child out of the Country for further education just because I have opted for experiential learning?

April 23, 2022 By Daniel Curry, Director & Principal, Vega Schools

With the National Education Policy, India is pursuing a major update in the education system. The Top schools in Gurgaon are already well on their way to meeting or even ahead of NEP compliance goals.

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Because of the pandemic, I think my child has special needs as he/she has delays. How can the school help?

April 19, 2022 By - Daniel Curry, Director & Principal, Vega Schools

In pre-nursery, nursery and kindergarten especially, parents are very concerned about the delays they see due to the pandemic.

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How will experiential learning be accepted when my child has to go to college?

April 15, 2022 By by Dr. Steven Warren Edwards, Co-Founder, Vega Schools

Experiential learning simply put is “learning by doing”. As early as pre nursery children should be engaged in hands-on learning activities that promote exploration, discovery, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Throughout the learning journey from pre nursery, nursery, kindergarten school and on to twelfth grade students should learn by doing.

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What’s the role of parents in helping their children with homework or projects?

April 11, 2022 By Daniel Curry, Director & Principal, Vega Schools

All parents want to see their children succeed. They want their children to attend top schools and perform with excellence. But what exactly is the role of parents when it comes to homework or projects?