From The Principal

Komal Sood Director & Principal

Komal Sood
Director & Principal

Step into a world where learning becomes an incredible journey! Here at our school, we embrace problem-based learning (PBL), where children get to explore, inquire, and unravel solutions. It's not solely about textbooks; it's about facing real-world puzzles that spark curiosity and sharpen critical thinking skills.Through PBL, students don't merely grasp concepts; they put them into action in real-life situations, fostering a profound understanding and retention of knowledge.
Setting us apart from other innovative schools is our use of a research-based approach called 'Depth of Knowledge' within the PBL framework. Additionally, we embrace the iLead process, an interdisciplinary exploration and study concept initiated by Mrs. Rebecca Edwards, wife of Co-Founder Dr. Steve Edwards of Vega Schools. This proprietary process develops leadership and career-ready skills in all Vega learners across age-groups.
Depth of Knowledge (DOK) focuses on the complexity of thinking needed to engage with content. It's not just about knowing information; but about guiding children from surface-level knowledge to more profound levels of understanding, application, analysis, and synthesis. We aim to challenge them to think critically and creatively, encouraging exploration of ideas and concepts from various angles.
Here, children play an active role in their education, shaping their learning journey through the unique concept of ‘voice & choice’.
Our core values-empathy, innovation, excellence, collaboration, and integrity—are the bedrock of everything we do. We strive to build a community where kindness and empathy flourish, where pushing boundaries and thinking innovatively are honoured, and where collective effort leads to extraordinary accomplishments.
Our mission is clear yet profound: to revolutionize education. We aim to craft a joyful environment where every child feels motivated, supported, and enthusiastic about learning. Furthermore, we're committed to equipping them with the skills required in this ever-changing world—skills that empower them to flourish and excel.
Welcome to a school that doesn't just provide education but ignites a passion for learning and prepares children for a future brimming with limitless opportunities.