Daniel Curry Director & Principal

Daniel Curry Director & Principal

Vega Schools are proud to have been founded on Problem-based Learning (PBL) as our primary teaching pedagogy for the delivery of the latest CBSE curriculum in India.

As a result of the success and impact of our approach, we are addressing demand by growing into a second campus. This exciting new campus at Sector 76 Gurugram, Near Emaar Palm Heights will continue to build on the innovative designs that define our schools. At this campus, our learners will enjoy expansive outdoor fields and learning spaces as well as a large selection of indoor lab spaces. This, in addition to eco-friendly measures like solar panels and professional horticultural touches including fruiting trees, allows greater resources for our interdisciplinary approach.

As we prepare students to face an ever-changing world, we need them to be able to navigate the complex issues and problems they will encounter. Problem-based Learning is a methodology that uses real world problems which leads to learning, integrating, and organizing information in ways that will ensure its recall and application. Our approach is learner-driven, which is why our students are called Learners and our teachers are called Learning Leaders.

It is important to note that PBL is perhaps the most effective methodology in providing learning to the child (regardless of grade) in the online mode as well. In the wake of the pandemic, learners had to adapt to online in-home learning and our experience bears testimony to this observation.

What makes us different from other progressive schools is the infusion of a research-based methodology called 'Depth of Knowledge' into the PBL framework. One other important concept is the iLead process (anchored on the principle of interdisciplinary exploration and study). It was developed by Mrs. Rebecca Edwards, the wife of Co-Founder Dr. Steve Edwards of Vega Schools. It is our proprietary process to develop leadership and career ready skills in all Vega learners across all age-groups.

Additionally, our programs incorporate the Vega Values of Empathy, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, and Collaboration. Through these experiences, our students become people of high moral character who have compassion for the issues and members of their community, their nation and their world.

I trust you will find the Vega Brochure informative and helpful in making your decision about your child's learning. Thank You.

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