Dr. Steven Edwards

As a dyslexic child, the prevailing education system ensured he was left far behind – both in academics and in confidence. Through sheer willpower, he resurrected himself and committed to spending the rest of his life ensuring that no child gets left behind. His fundamental belief is that each child is different, therefore cannot be taught in an identical fashion. Steve’s life purpose is to ensure a child’s love of learning intersects school education and that every child is able to connect talent to succeed in the 21st century. Steve has helped create some of the most successful schools in the US which see hundreds of learning visits annually from educators from around the world. His Teacher Development Program has created superstar teachers for many top-rated schools. He has also advised the White House, World Bank, and United Nations on education. According to Steve, “Everything in my life thus far was for a reason; it was in preparation for creating Vega Schools”.