By Shiply Mukherjee

India, being a diverse country, celebrates every festival uniquely in each state. Each culture has its own set of festivals that convey different meanings, morals, and styles. As each festival has its distinctive way of celebrating, greeting, serving food, and fulfilling responsibilities, celebrating all the festivals can help young minds grow with beautiful learnings and experiences.

Festivals and celebrations in schools are occasions for all the students to gather together and observe and honor each festival with enthusiasm and respect. This serves as an indirect lesson that everyone is important, and every relationship with individuals of all religions is special.

Participating in celebrations enables children to establish connections with their society and the broader world, instilling feelings of joy, anticipation, and eagerness. At Vega Schools, we hold a firm belief that celebrating festivals serves as a fantastic means to foster connections among learners with diverse cultures and communities, offering them the opportunity to delve into their cultural origins.

Festival celebrations not only provide a refreshing break from routine but also align with Vega Schools’ core values of Collaboration, Empathy, Innovation, Excellence, and Integrity. Our festive celebrations consistently explore innovative approaches to infuse these values into every occasion, rendering each celebration uniquely special. When learners with different backgrounds and beliefs come together, celebrating festivals helps them to promote mutual growth and respect.

Vega Schools follow a problem-based learning structure that believes in practical knowledge and real-world connections to make students future-ready. Therefore, we consider festival celebrations as a medium to connect learners with the world, break cultural barriers, and promote a sense of togetherness.

At Vega Schools, we celebrate all festivals with enthusiasm, as they offer our learners a chance to develop vital personality traits that will be valuable throughout their lives. Our learners learn various skills, including problem-solving, creative expression, discipline, cooperation, and mutual respect, during these celebrations.

We hold deep respect for all regions and draw valuable insights from various festivals. To mark significant occasions, Vega Schools hosts events. The festivals we celebrate include Baisakhi, Eid, Rakshabandhan, Janmashtami, Diwali, Gurpurab, Dussehra, Christmas, and Holi.

All the celebrations are not just about having fun; they also provide an opportunity for our learners to learn about different cultures, languages, art forms, music, food, customs, and religions.

According to the CBSE guidelines, schools must ensure that young children are connected to their own culture as well as the cultures of others, starting from an early age. Festive celebrations in schools provide an opportunity for children to interact with their parents, teachers, and community members. This helps in enhancing their social behavior and cultural understanding, leading to cognitive development.

At Vega Schools, we encourage learners to embrace happiness, love, and passion through our various festival celebrations, creating memorable and enriching learning experiences.

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