By Alangkrita

When we think of children, our first thought usually revolves around their education. Questions such as ‘Which school does the child attend?’ and ‘What grade are they in?’ often come to mind. What we frequently overlook is that childhood is not solely about attending school. Play holds equal importance in a child’s life, especially for those who are in school. Here at Vega Schools, we give special attention to both of these aspects for children.

Children naturally possess an inherent urge to play. We never need to provide them with incentives to engage in play. Studies have demonstrated that play and exploration offer their own set of benefits, which have become increasingly essential in today’s world. With the world becoming increasingly competitive, it is crucial to prepare children from the very beginning. This objective is achieved by affording them ample time and opportunities for independent play and exploration. We still live in a society that tends to frown upon play while valuing academic pursuits. However, it is high time to reconsider and broaden our understanding.

Now, let’s delve into the actual roles that play and exploration fulfill.

First and foremost, playing with peers enhances children’s communication skills. They learn negotiation, even in challenging situations. This is something that cannot be directly taught but is developed through their interactions with others during playtime.

It comes as no surprise that play contributes significantly to physical development. Physical activities like running, jumping, and climbing help develop their muscles and contribute to their overall health. Therefore, Vega Schools offers a wide range of physical activity options for children, which greatly contribute to their holistic development.

Role of Play and Exploration in School-Age Child Development

Would it surprise you to learn that play and exploration also offer literary benefits? Play can lead to the development of numerous skills typically associated with academic activities. It enhances vocabulary, listening, and speaking skills, and fosters a deeper understanding of words.

The most crucial aspect of development resulting from play and exploration is cognitive development. The extent of cognitive skill enhancement through play is truly remarkable. Children cultivate imagination, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, and they improve their concentration, persistence, and resilience through the various games they engage in. Vega Schools recognizes this and prioritizes making learning enjoyable through games.

In conclusion, it is imperative to allow children to play and explore independently for their holistic development. At Vega Schools, play is an integral part of children’s learning, equipping them for a bright future ahead.

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