By Karishma

If you are a learning leader, you understand that no two learners are the same, and there exists a spectrum of different learning styles. Therefore, an educator’s teaching style can significantly impact a learner’s ability to understand and acquire knowledge. This underscores why knowledge of diverse learning styles is essential for learning leaders. At Vega Schools, all learning leaders undergo comprehensive training to identify each learner’s specific learning style. Subsequently, these leaders employ tailored, individualized learning strategies.

At Vega Schools, the various learning styles catered to include the following:

  • Visual learners: These learners grasp information most effectively through images and graphics.
  • Auditory learners: They comprehend concepts best through listening to lectures, asking questions, and engaging in group discussions.
  • Reading/Writing learners: They prefer to acquire information through reading, note-taking, and composing reports or essays.
  • Kinesthetic learners: These individuals learn best through hands-on experiences, often enjoying disassembling and reassembling items to learn by doing.

The learning leaders at Vega Schools not only identify the aforementioned learning styles but also implement the theory of multiple intelligences. This approach exposes learners to concepts in ways that align with their preferred styles, such as through performing arts, visual art, and the development of interpersonal or intrapersonal skills.

Among the strategies adopted by the learning leaders at Vega Schools for differentiated learning are:

  • Providing concrete objects to facilitate learning of a concept. For instance, when Grade-1 learners are exploring naming words, learning leaders introduce toy animals, puppets, toys, and place/person placards. They utilize inquiry-based learning, presenting learners with inquiry questions. Through visual thinking routines like ‘see, think, and wonder,’ learners reflect, providing learning leaders with insights into their prior knowledge. Subsequently, learning leaders employ songs, show-and-tell activities, and charade games to deepen the learners’ understanding of the concept.
  • Implementing practice sheets of varying difficulty levels placed at different corners of the classroom. This approach allows learners to engage with the material at their own pace. Levels are not explicitly mentioned to motivate learners and boost their confidence.

At Vega Schools, learning leaders embrace learner-centered strategies, allowing learners the autonomy to voice their preferences and choose their preferred learning methods. This approach consistently yields exceptional results. Learning leaders focus on honing skills among learners by identifying their unique learning styles and requirements, thus fostering an environment conducive to their learning needs.

Consequently, at Vega Schools, teachers metaphorically step into the learners’ shoes, identifying their distinct learning styles and creating an environment tailored to facilitate enjoyable and personalized learning experiences.

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