By Alngkrita Gogoi

“Summer Break!” These two words alone can generate so much excitement among children. Nothing like spending quality (and quantity) time with parents, attending summer camps and hopefully traveling on an annual vacation. 

Vacations are, no doubt, meant for fun and rejuvenation. It is a time when children can engage in their favorite activities without the pressure of a schedule looming over them. However, summer break need not mean the children should be left to their own devices. A lot of growth and development can happen in a fun way, even during the holidays, which is why the top Gurgaon schools offer a variety of recreational activities through their Summer Camps.

Summer camps are an excellent choice for your child to engage in something productive and enjoy their vacations at the same time. However, there exist other options for children to have meaningful and personal experiences during their holidays. One such option is vacation travel. 

There are numerous benefits of traveling for children, especially during the summer holidays:

  • First and foremost, summer travel will save you and your child from the unbearable heat of the cities, even if for a few days. Such a change in scenery will do wonders for your mental health and refresh your child’s mind.
  • Traveling will teach your child a whole lot of life skills. They will learn to adjust themselves to a new environment and observe new people, new cultures, and different ways of life, all of which will stay with them for a long time.
  • Believe it or not, summer travel has academic benefits too! Children are eager to learn, and going to different places teaches them a great deal about the culture, history, and geography of those places. 
  • Other benefits also include igniting the child’s sense of curiosity, imagination, and sense of adventure. It is essential to inculcate these qualities in children and visiting new places is a wonderful way to do so.
  • Most importantly, traveling creates a time for your family to slow down and be together. In today’s technology-driven world, it is of utmost importance that we consciously make time to create memories with family. This also teaches children to value family over all material things.

Keeping these in mind, schools in Gurgaon give their students a long, relaxing summer break and this blog is a way of encouraging all parents to seize the day and spend some quality time with their children, ideally in a fresh and new environment. 

At Vega Schools, we encourage parents to make vacations fun, bonding as well as learning opportunities for their children. 

Happy Summer Holidays!