By Nandini Jain

With warmer and lazier days ahead, summer can be one of the most magical seasons of the year. It’s a time when we get more time outdoors, ease up on workloads and spend countless days outdoors, plus there are tons of summer adventures and holidays that we all look forward to.

Summers are here, and it’s time to go outdoors for a picnic. Picnics are one such fun way to engage with our family and friends. Outdoor experiences for children can provide an opportunity to explore, discover and appreciate the natural world, be active, strengthen fine and gross motor development skills, test physical limits, and get messy. The top Schools in Gurgaon create outdoor learning opportunities based on these skills to help develop the child’s holistic development. 

Benefits of having an outdoor summer picnic for children.

  • Breathe in the fresh air.
  • Bond with family and friends.
  • Enjoy a healthy mood boost.
  • Social skills development.
  • Improving sensory skills and learning.
  • Fine and gross motor development.
  • Independence and exploration.

As summers have begun, What’s on your mind? Maybe Picnic? But planning a picnic-friendly meal, towing it to your destination, and bringing your zeal can seem a bit overwhelming, so here I am sharing a few tips for organising a perfect summer picnic for our little ones.

Pack the essentials: When you go with young children, some essential things that you would require would be some basic items like food, seasonal fruits and veggies, snacks, a play mat to set on, and trash bags to keep the area clean and leave it as it was before you came.

Fun games: Very crucial to a good picnic experience will be to pack your favourite board games, and sports gear, whether a pack of Uno, or Zenga. Children explore and develop their sensory, gross, and fine motor skills.

Inspiring creativitySchools in Gurgaon have become more imaginative when they are surrounded by nature and that creates the perfect opportunity to inspire children’s creativity. Let the creativity of the young minds hit in and explore various textures and imagination through using some colours, puzzles, and paints.

Snapping Memories

The last thing you’ll want to forget when planning your family picnic is your camera! Take the opportunity to capture some candid or posed photos of all the kids enjoying the summer sunshine. Capture all the cherished moments.

At Vega Schools, we encourage our parents to engage in fun and meaningful activities with their children. 

Happy picnicking!