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Life of a self-quarantined parent?

Kid (first thing in the morning): Mamma today also we have to stay inside because of corona virus.

Mom: yes dear.

Kid: tomorrow? Day after? And next Sunday also? How boring!!!!?

We can feel you mommies and daddies!! As the word ?Pandemic? is all over the news and in our day to day discussion, it?s obvious for our kids to feel the stress in the air. Their information processing capabilities are different from ours, hence we have to be very careful on how we choose to answer those innocent kid?s questions on Covid-19.

The Intent is to 

Make them understand about the disease in a simpler language.

Have open ended discussion about what they feel about coronavirus.

Make them feel calm & reassured.

Instil the values of health, hygiene & safety precautions.

Know their fears.

So we tried to jot down some frequently asked questions by kids followed by age appropriate answers to help them ease out the stress & anxiety.

Question: What is Coronavirus?

Answer:  It’s a virus that can make you fall sick. You sometimes cough; you sometimes find it hard to breath. It?s just like flu, a little harsher.

Question: If the virus started in China, then how did it reach us?

Answer: It?s a very infectious disease that spreads through touching, sneezing, coughing. Some people were not aware that they were sick and they travelled to other countries during this condition. And slowly more people caught the virus when they touched those sick people. For example, the sick person sneezed on his hand, and another person greeted him with handshake, the virus travelled from that sick person to healthy person. 

Question: No one in our house has it, then why can?t my friends come for a play date?

Answer:  When it rains, we use an umbrella to prevent from getting wet. Similarly if we stay indoors, we can prevent ourselves from catching the virus. Our home is our umbrella that is protecting us. So we are not inviting any guest from outside, this way we are safe and so are your friends. 

Question: Will the virus attacks pet too?

Answer: Our doctors have not confirmed that virus will attack our pets. So just like us, it?s important to keep our pets indoors, avoid walking them in public places, and keep them clean and hygienic. They will also not come in contact with the virus.

Question: Will every one catch the flu including me?

Answer:  No, not everyone will fall sick. If we stay indoors, wash our hands regularly, eat healthy food, then we will have strong bodies. The virus cannot attack strong bodies.

Question: Mamma I sneezed in the morning? Do I have corona virus?

Answer: Not all cough and cold is related to coronavirus. It can be common flu. Remember you had flu last year, and how you recovered within 2 days after taking proper medication and rest. Let?s eat healthy food, and make our body strong enough to fight the evil virus.

Question: Why are they wearing mask?

Answer:  Masks are mainly used by people who are sick; the mask prevents the virus to come out. Doctors who treat those sick people also wear mask. So you don?t have to wear any mask.

Question: Why can?t I go out?

Answer: We have to maintain safe distance from people now. The evil virus can travel from one body to another through cough, sneeze or touching. So if we all stay inside, the virus will find no one to attack, and will die on its own. We have to avoid going to crowded places, that?s why your school is closed. We are all helping each other to stop the virus.

  • Question: What is the difference between Epidemic and Pandemic?
  • Answer: Pandemic is a disease that spreads from one person to another quickly and covers the country/world in a very short time. Epidemic is a disease that affects many people but not in large areas. 
  • Questions: Will I die due to this virus?
  • Answer: No dear, we won?t die. Not everyone suffering from coronavirus will die; they recover in sometime just like you recovered from your flu last year. If we stay healthy, wash our hands frequently, use sanitiser and remain indoors, we will not fall sick.

Question: I am tired of washing my hands so frequently? Why do we have to do it so often?

Answer: Because washing hand is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. We should wash hands not only during coronavirus but all the time. Since the evil virus is being very naughty now, we have to be extra careful.  

Question: When will coronavirus end?

Answer: This will end when we all together fight against it daily. It won?t be as dangerous forever as it is now. Very soon doctors will find out a vaccine to cure the sick people. Till then let?s all stay fit and healthy.

Question: Mom, I am very scared!

Answer: It?s ok to feel scared dear. Whenever you are scared, you can come and talk to us, or your teachers or friends. We all are there to help you.

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