By Vega Schools’

At this time of crisis, where normal life seems screeching to a halt, it?s high time we convert online conveniences into daily necessities especially when it comes to education. This is exactly what the Learning Leaders at Vega are doing with Virtual Storytelling sessions with the help of yoga. It’s storytelling and exercise rolled into one.

Why Virtual learning? To help Vega maintain continuity of learning in the event of prolonged school closures virtual learning will help the learners maintain engagement, facilitate two- way communication, promote group activities, track progress and provide feedback.

We all know that children derive enormous benefits from Yoga. It helps in their flexibility, strength, coordination, body awareness to concentration, lesser anxiety, cognitive functioning & emotional regulation. And to continue making kids more mindful, we conducted online yoga sessions with our little enthusiastic learners.

Similarly, children have an innate love for stories. They construct knowledge of the world through stories they hear and participate with. So what better way to keep the learners engaged than virtual storytelling sessions with our Learning leaders? The intent was to promote a feeling of togetherness & foster active participation & cooperation through child-computer interactions, and support comprehension of the content

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