By Vega Schools’

It is essential that children keep learning, even when they are confined at home. Why? Because learning should never stop, the means and ways may change. Considering the times now,  Distance Learning seems to be the best option available for keeping the momentum of learning going, but it comes with its own challenges. It brings us to face questions of screen time, resources, safe apps, privacy, and many other similar challenges to cope with. Schools need to conduct distance learning in a stepwise manner, otherwise it could overwhelm children and turn them off learning. It needs to be introduced starting with a few hours, interspersed with other activities, and thereafter ramped up after conducting surveys with both parents and learners. 

Parents also have an important role in creating a healthy home learning environment for their children. During these challenging times, what is most demanding is to find out ways to keep our children motivated as they take up online learning. We now have to look for the silver linings in the confinement of our homes.

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