By Priya Kapoor

Ah, the good old days of eagerly awaiting summer vacation! It was all about escaping the academic grind, jetting off to see relatives, exploring new destinations, and diving into my passions. Now, as I work in a school, I see the same anticipation in students’ eyes as they eagerly await their break to bust out of their routines and dive headfirst into some serious fun! For those looking for the best schools in Gurgaon to provide enriching experiences, Vega Schools offers parents and young ones a golden opportunity to enroll in five weeks of enriching summer camp for kids at their Sector 48 and Sector 76 campuses ( These camps aren’t just about fun; they’re about skill-building and personal growth. Here, children reunite with old friends and forge new friendships, honing their social skills along the way. With a strong emphasis on safety, Vega Schools provides a secure environment for children to explore, learn, and thrive. Every activity is thoughtfully curated to ensure that each child has a memorable and rewarding experience.

For older students attending the top Gurgaon schools, summers are a chance to level up in their personal and professional journeys. They’re looking for something more, maybe even a residential program. It’s a time to dive deep into their passions and skills, refining what they’ve learned over the years. Whether it’s through internships, part-time gigs, volunteering, or specialized summer programs, this season can truly be transformative for them.

Planning your summer vacation ensures efficient use of time. Vega Schools, among the best schools in Gurgaon, has curated a list of a few summer programs for high school students in India. We suggest that the first summer program your child attends should be exploratory, while the child who has done it can delve deep into a skill or subject that interests them.

Here are some top 10 schools in Gurgaon and other programs offering the best summer programs for high school students in India:

1. Pathways World School, Gurgaon – Pathways Rediscovering Minds Summer Camp

This ten-day residential program allows children to explore different interests, develop innate skills, and rediscover their joy of learning.

Link –

2. Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC)

YLAC aims to increase the participation of young people in the policymaking process and build their capacity to lead change. They run different programs in various cities in India, focusing on civic engagement and public policy.

Location: Lajpat Nagar

Online and Offline Programs for:

   – Technology: Digital Champions

   – Leadership Program

   – High School Achievers

Link –

3. Ashoka University’s Young Scholars Program (YSP)

Location: Sonepat

An intensive, summer residential program designed to provide motivated and talented students entering classes 9, 10, 11, & 12 with an introduction to liberal arts & sciences education at a university level.

Link –

4. NID – National Institute of Design Workshop, Ahmedabad/Bangalore

If your child shows a keen interest in design-related activities, exhibits creativity, and enjoys exploring art and design concepts, they might be ready for a design workshop.

Link –

 5. Delhi Warwick Summer School

If your child has shown initiative by starting a small business, such as a lemonade stand, selling crafts, or offering services like lawn mowing or tutoring, consider enrolling them in a business/entrepreneurship summer program.

Link –

Don’t forget to take your child’s interests into account when choosing a summer program, but most importantly, make sure they’re as excited about it as you are (or at least close)! Involve them in the decision-making process so they feel like they have a say in their summer adventures.

By choosing the right programs, especially those offered by the top schools in Gurgaon, you can ensure your child’s summer is both fun and enriching.

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