By Iqbal Kaur

Every parent shares a common aspiration – to provide nothing but the very best for their beloved child/ren, especially when it pertains to their education. Among the myriad considerations that occupy a parent’s mind when selecting a school, there’s one paramount criterion that invariably takes precedence: creating an environment where children bask in love, acceptance, care, and genuine appreciation. Throughout this journey, some questions might come to your mind when you hear the word ‘Cognitive learning’.

The PBL (Problem-Based Learning) schools provide numerous occasions that help learners develop their cognition and unlock the full potential of the child. Critical-thinking: According to Jean Piaget, the father of cognitive psychology, “Intelligence is what you use when you don’t know what to do.” Learners are prompted to use critical thinking skills through PBL. Instead of telling them what will be taught, information is first gathered from them. Observation, comparison, and analytical skills, as well as communication and justification skills, are all required of learners during these tasks. They develop critical thinking skills by analyzing the situation and thus develop enhanced cognitive abilities equipped to handle difficult situations in the future.

Integrated learning: PBL schools enhance cognitive growth by seamlessly integrating diverse areas, allowing students of varied learning styles and aptitudes to acquire knowledge holistically. For example, in the context of studying countries, students are exposed to the culture, heritage, history, cuisine, weather, climate, flora, fauna, and environmental issues of different nations.

Global collaboration: Research suggests that intellectual development may be largely influenced by a child’s interactions with others: a child sees others thinking and acting in certain ways and then internalizes and models what is seen. Vega Schools are part of the Global School Alliance, where learners get numerous opportunities to gain firsthand experience. They interact with learners from various parts of the world and learn about their culture, heritage, flora and fauna, folk tales, and the issues faced by their countries. Through this, they enhance their knowledge about different countries, languages, food, and time zones, and it caters to their cognitive development.

Fostering curiosity for nature and the environment and real-life connection/relevance: In order to help learners relate to what they are learning, Vega Schools foster curiosity by providing them opportunities to explore, encouraging questions, and asking open-ended questions to nurture curiosity, thinking, wondering communication, and confidence. Be it the beginning of any learning or the closure, the activities are planned in such a way that leads to inquisitiveness. Cooperate to address issues in the real world; pollution, natural disasters, discrimination, and environment-related issues.

Learner-centric Classrooms: Contributing to choosing projects and end products: “Every time we teach a child something, we keep him from inventing it himself. On the other hand, that which we allow him to discover for himself will remain with him visible for the rest of his life.” – Jean Piaget To make lifelong learners, Vega schools create a platform for learning and reflection for the learners where they not only enhance presentation, sense of responsibility, accountability, and ownership but also take leadership, decision-making, and innovative ideas. They lead the exhibitions and conferences.

Research has proved that by involving students in real-world problems, encouraging critical thinking, and supporting creativity and invention, a problem-based school fosters an environment where cognitive growth thrives. It enables learners to reach their greatest potential by giving them the knowledge and outlook necessary for success in a constantly changing environment.

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