By Tanishqa Steffi

Keyboarding is certainly the trend, but handwriting sparks brain development in young learners. 

Touching a screen or typing on a keyboard is inadequate in helping students develop the necessary learning skills. Scribing letters and words engages the brain quite actively. It improves memory and powers up cognitive ability in students. Practising handwriting enables students to learn better and harness their creative skills. Hence the best schools in Gurgaon take handwriting seriously. 

Handwriting is a complex yet quintessential skill. Little did we know that honing our penmanship skills necessitates the use of concentration, fine motor skills, language and memory. At the best schools in Gurgaon, various techniques are used to enhance these skills. 

It is no secret that a child does not get the hang of the alphabet or words right at the start. A young learner kicks off the process by scribbling first, then drawing, and gradually working around letters. Training the little one to practice learning alphabets and words right away could make the child lose interest. To keep the child’s fleeting interest on a roll, encourage the young mind to draw and scribble their hearts out. 

Through handwriting, children can express themselves and communicate with the world around them. Improving their penmanship, legibility and pencil grasp, and working on problem areas are all important things that need to be addressed.  

Writing also introduces children to a tactile experience. The young one hears the sound, reads, annotates, corrects, and reshapes the letters while writing. This, unlike typing, also encourages an organic flow of ideas. Putting a pen to paper enables students to engage and be one with their thoughts. Handwriting instills a sense of confidence in students, enabling them to make a statement strong, beautiful, and unique to their style. It sparks creativity in children. 

For any school that aspires to be the top school in Gurgaon, emphasis on handwriting is essential.

Some of the most commonly observed issues in handwriting include the formation of letters, space between words, size, line alignment, etc. Practising writing every day helps children eliminate problems and achieve perfection.