By Swati Mishra

School is a child’s second home. What are the things that make a parent build a relationship with this second home?

A school that offers opportunities to connect with parents transparently is ideal for a child to flourish. 

The various stakeholders – parents, teachers, children and school management,  are aware of the transition steps in the learning process. 

One cannot stress enough the importance of building a strong partnership with the institution you are admitting your child in. The best schools in Gurgaon believe in forging a strong partnership with parents. 

The top schools in Gurgaon schedule regular parent-teacher meetings which are one of the simplest ways to know the child’s progress and the teachers’ outlook on the progress. They are also an opportunity for a parent to bring forth any concerns and establish the goals in mind for the child.

To derive optimum benefit from these meetings, the parents need to be up to date with all the important communication from the school. Staying informed gives the parents an opportunity to understand the school and volunteer to show support. 

Parents should be involved in their child’s learning through email, phone calls, or notes. They should let the teachers know about their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

A strong involvement also enables parents to volunteer at the school as guest speakers and storytellers, and to act as active attendees at parent-management meetings.

When parent express their appreciation for the teachers and school staff,  the institution flourishes. By recognizing all the hard work and dedication that goes into shaping their children, parents can raise the motivation levels of the faculty and support staff. Ultimately children are the biggest beneficiaries.