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As an educator of more than six years, I have seen all types of students and done my best to understand them. Understanding a student  is the foremost thing a teacher should do. It is like that hard shell outside a nut which when cracked gives sweet food.  I feel that no matter how good you are at teaching, if you don’t know how to understand the needs of your student, you are likely to fail as a teacher.

As humans we are full of emotions and so are our students and the key that opens the door for having a lovable bond between student and teacher is an emotional connection. Since our little learners are at a fragile stage, understanding their emotions is extremely important.

The best schools in Gurgaon may be able to minimise students to twenty or twenty five in a class, they could be further subdivided in smaller groups based on their strengths or interests, however individually each child is very unique. Children tend to have different ways of thinking, different interests, different approach towards others and individually live in different worlds. If as teachers we manage to get a sense of their world, we will be able to penetrate the shell.

As teachers, we need to think about how we can get into the minds of our students, to get a sense of the world they are living in. If we are truly dedicated to each student then it is much easier than it appears. We need to feel their vulnerability, the things that evoke their interest and the struggles they may be experiencing. Teachers can share events and anecdotes from their lives that will help go beyond the students’ emotional barriers. Expression of vulnerability makes us feel connected at a deeper level. It also opens up others, including children, to sharing things about themselves.

For a good teacher, it is not only about how a student scores in exam, it is also   about how participative she is in class, how her behaviour is towards others, how much effort she puts in various tasks given and how much she can connect with her surroundings.

Being surrounded by students for over six years now, I can proudly say that once I learned to feed the emotional needs of my students it made teaching so much easier and more impactful.

These principles are true for all relationships, and emotionally developed children are happier and far more successful in life. 

They work equally with all students of all ages, be it pre nursery school, nursery school, kindergarten, primary school, middle or senior high school. All Gurgaon schools, especially the top schools in Gurgaon as well as in Delhi NCR need to ensure they focus on helping teachers develop the art of making emotional and social connections with their students.

I hope these simple ideas can help teachers to be able to build emotional and social bonds with their students.

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