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What is Public Speaking? 

Public speaking refers to the act of speaking in front of an audience. The goal is to improve this skill in learners and make them confident enough to communicate with the world around them. 

Why is it important for a learner? 

Children are social animals and innately want to communicate with the world.  Some of them are shy, while others have a fear of strangers. Often we think that shy children do not like to communicate with others. This is not true. Shyness is a result of being self conscious. Extroverts can also be shy. It is the role of a school to help children overcome shyness. 

The best schools in Gurgaon should ensure the teachers are trained to help learners develop public speaking skills. A top school in Gurgaon will develop these skills in a more organic way, through its pedagogy. While CBSE schools in Gurgaon like to showcase public speaking skills of a few students who have the talent, the top ranked schools in Gurgaon, which are generally the more progressive schools, have a different approach. They will weave public speaking into the curriculum so that it is a part of the learning process.  

Progressive schools that use modern teaching methods such as problem based learning, experiential learning and inquiry based learning will naturally weave public speaking skills on an everyday basis. The learners are encouraged to present to small groups, and progressively to larger groups. From public speaking to familiar faces to those of strangers. 

Project based learning requires every learner to present his or her work in front of the class, and progressively to a larger audience. After all, public speaking skill is a muscle to be developed. By the time the child is in middle school, this muscle is developed in almost every child. Student led conferences further enhance these skills, as does theater, especially when integrated with the subjects

What are the skills associated with public speaking?

  • building leadership abilities
  • learning how to develop compelling oral arguments
  • discovering ways to enhance their verbal communications
  • using their vocal delivery to persuade others more effectively
  • interacting with peers in a more meaningful way
  • engaging with strangers or persons in authority in a confident, mature manner
  • improving relationships by learning how to listen and respond appropriately
  • transforming into confident young people 
  • Building relationships with community members

Public speaking is one of the most important skills for a young adult as he or she navigates the world from school to college and beyond. Other than domain knowledge and technical skills, which are extremely important, public speaking is a highly valuable skill to develop in order to excel in the real world. 

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