By Ritu Mahajan 

How can a school help students with personality development?

“Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid”

Being yourself is the most challenging thing these days and realizing your potential is the most important life hack of the century. This thought underlines the importance of a school that makes you realize your strengths and lets you work on your weaknesses from a very young age.

The ultimate aim of education is to live peacefully and make the world a better place to live for others. Peace as an inner experience transcends happiness; it is a more gratifying experience than happiness. The schools are foremost fountains of knowledge. As learners are happy, they will be motivated to learn. As they learn by doing, they will also develop all the necessary skills.

I am proud to be part of an organization located in the millennium city of Gurgaon, which has the vision of creating global citizens and is working incessantly to enhance the life skills of young learners and create a lineage of highly skilled individuals.

We are living in an era of fleeting concentration and we are continuously striving to learn and discuss ways to improve mindfulness. To support this thought, there was research conducted by Microsoft recently which concluded that humans now have an attention span of eight seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish! Today’s top Schools in Gurgaon also aim to enhance mindfulness. It leads to improved focus, attention, self-control, classroom participation, compassion, conflict resolution, and overall well-being.

We focus on the personality development of learners by enhancing their life skills while integrating life skills and embedding them in the curriculum.

  • Empathetic Learners: Gratitude is instilled in our learners at a very young age. SHRAM is a program in which the socio-emotional needs of learners are taken care of. This also makes sure that the learners share their resources and ideas with society. Donation drives, plantation drives, and Nukkad Nataks are a few of the events that the learners participate in.
  • Understanding Diversity: Learners have different learning abilities and may face different challenges in the areas of reading, writing, number, and comprehension skills. Understanding the diversity of learners and making the curriculum child-centered is so important, and the curriculum is revised continuously as compared to the conventional curriculum followed by the other schools where the same books are repeated year after year without considering the need of the hour.
  • Learners’ work at Display on the walls: As compared to the traditional CBSE schools, where the teachers create display boards, the learners’ work is highlighted on the walls of our school. Learners take the utmost pride in this and feel motivated.
  • Flexible Seating Arrangement: Research has shown that It provides opportunities for students to be part of many different groups based on their readiness, interest, or learning style. Open classroom spaces and flexible seating arrangements make us one of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon.
  • Nutrition: The nutrition quotient is really high at our school as the learners get delicious and healthy food at school and eat in the vibrant Vega Cafe. Eating together with their friends under their learning leaders’ guidance makes them super skilled in table manners and eating mindfully.

We create several opportunities for our learners for expression.

  • Talent Shows: The learners get enormous opportunities to showcase their talents through various talent shows organized throughout the year. The learning leaders motivate the learners enough to ensure 100 percent participation.
  • Inter-school Events: The learners are sent to the other schools to participate in the Inter school events. Last year, our learners won many prizes at the Har Ghar Tiranga contests held at Mount Olympus School, Suncity School, and many other schools.
  • Student-led Conferences: Conducted twice a year, the SLC provides the learners with an opportunity to share their learning and showcase concept clarity with their parents through verbal presentations and a well-built portfolio. Learners reflect on the goals set in term 1 and review those in term 2.
  • Annual Excursions: Learners get a rejuvenating time through annual Excursions as a full-day outing is planned for them with all sports and recreational events.
  • Global collaboration with schools: Vega Schools are a proud member of GLOBAL SCHOOLS ALLIANCE and learners of all classes get a good experience of interacting with their global counterparts.
  • Model United Nations events: We host the prestigious Model United Nations event at their campus. This brings out the future ambassadors of the United Nations and plays an important role in enhancing the communication skills of the young learners who act as delegates of different countries.
  • Project Exhibitions: Held twice a year, learners master concepts through project-based pedagogy allowing learners to get an immersive experience through field trips and expert sessions.
  • Spanish Language: Studies have revealed that learning a language also improves memory when it comes to other areas of life as well. While many schools begin to teach third languages from grade 5 onwards, Spanish is taught right from kindergarten to the learners. This sets our learners apart from the rest.

Happiness is the highest level of success!

We can improve ourselves only when we know ourselves. In an endeavour to create global citizens, the best Schools in Gurgaon are enhancing the happiness levels and life skills of the learners.