By Shrestha Malhotra 

Educational Landscape of Sohna Road and New Gurgaon

The Indian subcontinent has been home to the Guru-Shishya tradition for centuries. In a famous anecdote, Eklavya gladly surrenders his thumb in exchange for the education he receives from Guru Dronacharya. This tradition is revelatory of how our culture holds knowledge and the process of imparting it with unmatched reverence. Even in today’s day and age, this inherent value of education and being educated continues to persist in the hearts of our people. 

The nation’s capital has echoed the same reverence and continued to uphold the standards of educational excellence for years. With an ever-expanding network of Schools in Gurgaon, broadening horizons in the philosophy of education, and a growing need to nurture young learners to better adapt to a demanding world, the city of Gurgaon has found itself at the center stage of Delhi’s ever-growing schools and expanding school culture. We see schools with vast educational lineages taking root in the city. We also see newer schools founded on modern theories of learning establish themselves here. 

The current landscape of education, much like a traditional Indian thali, seeks to offer the parents every single bit of delicacy. While the traditional schools in Gurgaon continue to offer academic performance in line with CBSE, newer schools in Gurgaon and a couple of select schools in new Gurgaon operating on the Project Based Learning (PBL) and experiential learning paradigms are moving the social needle in favor of holistic development. This is interestingly permeating schools far and wide, reinforcing a greater focus on the children’s growth over their grades. 

It is important to also note that students spend the majority of their day at school. The school then becomes the primary source of growth and development for children. With an increasing number of parents who are both working, the importance of school engagement grows even further. Children grow immensely in terms of their cognitive abilities through schooling years. They also get most of their fine and gross motor development underway through physical education, dance, art, and music classes. 

However, one most valuable parts of the human psyche that develops in school is the socio-emotional aspect. Much of our understanding of what acceptable behaviors are, how to communicate effectively with peers and adults, how to form bonds with peers, and how to maintain them are formulated and perfected during schooling years. Children also go from understanding morality through the eyes of punishable and non-punishable to growing complex ideals of righteous and unrighteous ideas and behaviors. All of this is possible through unstructured hours where children explore and experiment. 

Currently, Gurgaon is a microcosm that is providing exciting opportunities and giving young children regular unstructured spaces that can expedite their growth. As we see children becoming more mature at younger ages and more conscious of the environment and social issues, the best schools in Gurgaon and schools in new Gurgaon are creating diverse and empowered learners who will go on to shape our country.