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The link between school and home is a critically important connection. The communication and relationship among parents, school and the child is essential to their overall mental, social and emotional wellbeing.  As a parent of five children myself I fully realize the importance of what happens at home, schools cannot do it alone. 

I have spent a lot of time in Gurgaon in the school I am a founder of, just as I have in many parts of the United States. Students of schools in Gurgaon are no different from students anywhere in the world. Parenting strategies do not differ significantly.

As a top school in Gurgaon we understand the need for a partnership with parents.

Strategies at school should make children really excited about their learning and should resemble those at home. If children start enjoying their learning they will take ownership and that is the best gift a school and a parent can give to the child.

So what is it that happens in the home that supports the development of the total child?  A few things that have worked for me as a parent and that is supported through research are the following:

A mutually agreed schedule in which the child has a voice and choice

Establish a schedule, in collaboration with your child find a time and place for your child to study and complete school assignments and projects. It is important for your child to have a “voice and choice” as to when and where they study.  If you child picks a time of day or area to study that you feel is not suitable don’t tell them that it doesn’t work, rather pose questions to get them to see an alterative. When children feel they have a say in the decision the likelihood of success goes up.

Guide your child but do not do their work

Ensure that your child does their own assignments. There is a tendency when a child struggles to do the assignment for them.  This sends the wrong message to the child; it impedes their learning and does not give the teacher a clear picture of what the child can do or what the child struggles with. It is OK to ask questions to guide your child, but remember, guiding and doing are two different things. Show a sincere interest in things the child is interested in.

As a parent, demonstrate a sincere interest in what your child is studying and learning about at school. At home focus on what your child is learning, not on what their grade is. Ask them about their friends at school and other activities that take place at school that they enjoy such as clubs, sports, etc.

The best schools in Gurgaon promote home school connections and ensure they are as seamless as possible.

Consider the tips as a starting point.  Your child’s teacher can provide additional suggestions and recommendations.

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