By Vega Schools

Summer is a great time for children to have meaningful experiences that can enhance their learning, but at the same time be fun. Exposure to new and different experiences is a great way to develop a child’s curiosity and discovery. A visit to a local museum or historical site is a great way to create new learning experiences for a child. 

At home reading program 

With Gurgaon schools shut and the summer camps having ended, an at home summer reading program is also a way to further develop a child’s fluency and comprehension.  Although I am not typically a fan of extrinsic motivators I have used the following as an exception.  

Select a child’s favorite Disney character and have the child trace or freehand draw the figure. Next, divide the character into multiple pieces.  This can be the natural lines of the figures’ clothing or features.  Place a number into each segment, the number represents the time that the child will read.  Once they have read that amount of time they can color in the portion of the drawing. Once they have colored in the entire figure they get some external reward, such as going for an ice cream or something of that sort. 

Discuss the books being read 

As they read each section it is important for the parent to discuss the reading with the child to further develop their comprehension skills.  For younger children the parent may need to read to the child, but the same goals can be accomplished.

No worksheets or boring activities 

As one of the top schools in Gurgaon we at Vega discourage creating “drill and kill” summer experiences for children. Having them complete worksheets or memorizing information, especially during vacation, is a contra indication and will only contribute to a child’s stress level and ultimately a dislike for school. 

Love of learning 

Instead we believe in learning activities that are fun and will truly engage the children. This process helps children develop the love for learning. They will be motivated and take ownership of their learning. The transaction to school after vacations will also become easier. 

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