By Rupali Sharma

“A Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”  – Lao Tzu

Times are changing so fast that advancements in technology and automation are transforming every aspect of the industry. According to estimates, machines will eventually replace 50% of occupations and may even write 90% of the news.

So, is entrepreneurship the path forward? The answer is Yes. 

We are living in the generation of unicorns and dec acorns. To equip with entrepreneurial abilities right from inception till its withdrawal juncture, the best schools in Gurgaon play a pivotal role. Schools are teaching real-time case studies along with different stages the companies have gone through in their entrepreneurial odyssey. The school provides a system where students are inspired to look at the world as an opportunity. Entrepreneurial skills are necessary for everyone, including those who are already employed, artists, musicians, contestants in talent competitions, and others. They are not just for individuals who want to establish their firm.

Schools provide platforms in which students learn how to be effective communicators, build team spirit, negotiate, talk, and present in front of an audience, and how to use curiosity and creativity to come up with innovative answers to complex questions. As these life skills help them to navigate an uncertain future with challenging issues. 

Some tactics that can be used to promote entrepreneurship skills for life include:

  • Brainstorm Bins – Set up a box for brainstorming business ideas.
  • Solution Boxes – Encouraging kids to contribute and come up with solutions rather than just voice their complaints.
  • Shark Tank for Kids – Building up a Shark Tank competition at school. 

Taking calculated risks is the hallmark of the entrepreneurial mindset. Usually, children are not encouraged to take risks. The top schools in Gurugram encourage learners to pursue their interests and not worry about failing. They are motivated to explore their imagination and make them believe that they can accomplish anything. 

At Vega Schools’, we use Problem based learning, a method that is designed to instill entrepreneurial thinking in our learners. We embed design thinking principles in the ILEAD cycle which is our primary learning process. 

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”  – Albert Einstein