By Bhavna Kataria

Summer camp – the name itself suggests lots of fun and engaging activities. Parents often wonder what would be the perfect plan for their children in the upcoming summer. A quick answer to this question is a memorable experience and a perfect program for your kids with a safe environment i.e. a summer camp!

Camps are conducted every year during the summer months by several Schools. The top 10 schools in Gurgaon organise these camps with the aim to enhance leadership skills along with psychological skills. It is a great platform where children can experience new activities as well as learn new skills. The children also develop social, psychological, physical and life skills. A good summer camp will provide activities that can improve self-determination, thinking process, and problem-solving skills in children. 

A summer camp provides an ideal opportunity to improve the physical strength of children. It consists of various physical activities such as swimming, jumping, running, climbing and many more. Apart from training and practice, a summer camp also provides happy childhood memories. The camp offers children much-needed free time to play, enjoy, relax and be happy. Children make new friends, acquire new skills and build self-esteem. It is a must for schools in Gurgaon to organise camps that will make children happy, teach them life skills, help them to acquire new talents, and keep them gainfully occupied during the summer break. 

At Vega Schools, we make it a point to organise a summer camp that is both meaningful and fun. It is an integral part of our annual calendar as we believe that fun and learning must go hand in hand, and most importantly, must never stop!