Why Vega Schools should be the School of your choice. 13 Aug 2020

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Vega Schools is a school in Gurgaon that transacts the CBSE curriculum through the Problem-Based Learning methodology.


Vega schools believe that in order to make their mark in the future, young learners need to be taught decision-making skills, collaboration, critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, effective communication, and the latest technological tools.


This can be achieved through a research-proven method called PBL which acts as a powerful tool to enable deep learning as it is less mechanical memorization and more reasoning and analytical thinking.





To facilitate Problem-Based Learning for the students, Vega school?s campus has been designed scientifically by FNI, USA (education architecture and authors of ?Blueprint for Tomorrow-Harvard University press).


  • Instead of traditional classrooms, here are open spaces for group discussions and small hubs for individual assistance.
  • The building is naturally lit with no dark corners.
  • The whole concept is to create an optimal learning environment and enable real-life learning with collaboration, empathy, and confidence.





Vega Schools, Gurugram-is Gurugram?s only school with open plan classrooms and also has a campus with centralized PM 2.5 air purification system. The following are the safety measures that shall be considered while reopening.


  • Our open learning spaces will allow a new (socially distanced) seating matrix.
  • We can stagger the start and close of the school day, or hold schools in rotation/shifts with reduced class size.
  • Open space will ensure physical distancing in classrooms.
  • Our multilayer air filtration system with increased ventilation and reduced air velocity (diffusers instead of vents in AC) ensure fresh and clean air.
  • We have already prepared our school to welcome back our learners by cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.
  • Monitoring children and school staff health will be our top priority on a daily basis.
  • We are committed to providing the best hygiene practices and supplies.
  • Necessary and strict canteen rules will be implemented as and when required.
  • Most importantly, encouraging children to express their concerns and training administration staff & teachers keeping them abreast with the latest news, will be given utmost importance.
  • Vega schools safety measures are in compliance with the Government of India/WHO guidelines.
  • We will be monitoring access into the school - with the help of thermal monitors, disinfectant tunnels, etc.





  • The meal has been planned holistically. Keeping in mind that our learners are always on the move burning energy constantly, we have quantified nutrition planned meals.
  • The food is directly sourced from farms and prepared on the site. Farm-to-table Cafe.
  • The Learning Leaders sit with the children and make sure they eat their food.
  • Indian food is served 4 days a week, while to introduce a new food, Pan Asian food is served on 5th day, i.e. Friday.





The team is led by Co-Founder and Global PBL expert Dr. Steven Edwards. Vega Schools is a part of the GSA (Global school Alliance) and is the First North Indian school to be a part of it. These are some of the world?s most progressive schools that share knowledge, faculty and student exchanges - both in the virtual and real environments.

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