By Sugandha Chopra

As the world continues to become more interconnected, learning a foreign language has shifted from being a luxury to more of a need. Learning a foreign language is advantageous to all age groups, but young learners receive the greatest benefits. According to several studies, children who learned a second language at a young age showed cognitive benefits like improved problem-solving and creativity. The top schools in Gurgaon understand the value of foreign language education and have included it in their curriculum from their early years.

Learning a new language is like gym training for our brain since it exercises all the dormant areas. Language acquisition resembles a puzzle. We first learn a few words, and then we can communicate by using those words by forming sentences. As a result, having a conversation in a foreign language is a mental workout for the brain as constant recall and formulation of sentences help with memory and creativity. These kinds of exercises are an excellent way of flexing those brain muscles and helping a child handle new situations and be creative with the solutions. They also help to enhance the brain’s natural capacity to concentrate. 

Learning another language involves much more than only picking up new vocabulary or grammar. It helps one broaden one’s perspective on the world by providing a whole new doorway to various cultures and ideas as the culture, traditions, and values of the country where the language is spoken are also exposed to anyone learning a new language. As a result, we are inspired to view the world from a wider perspective and to be more accepting of new and diverse things. When a child is exposed to new cultures at a young age, it can be a pivotal moment in development since it fosters empathy in the child and teaches the child to respect various cultures from an early age.

Learning a foreign language is an essential component of education in today’s modern and globalized world because it helps children communicate better, develop their minds, and become more aware of other cultures. The top schools in Gurgaon help students with this expertise from a very young age. To help students become good and responsible global citizens, at Vega Schools we lay a strong emphasis on teaching foreign language skills to our Learners from a young age using the time-tested and proven Problem-Based Learning (PBL) teaching pedagogy.