By Daniel Curry

Somewhere along the line, a belief developed that education had to be difficult and unpleasant in order to achieve ‘results’. This likely derived from the particular experiences of many people who found their educational experiences distasteful but ended up doing well in life anyway. That particular correlation does not mean causation. Most of us thrived due to our internal drive and efforts in spite of boring and meaningless education systems, not because of them. Tag: best schools in Gurgaon

I’ve seen this in a number of both international and local schools. Hours of homework are piled on nightly, high-stakes exams are held regularly, and stress levels are high. Some parents think – this is so hard on kids, it must be good for them! They think that having fun means the activities are frivolous and don’t lead to learning outcomes. All too often children experience burnout and learn to hate school, and by extension, learning. 

The best schools in Gurgaon and across the world know that this mindset is false. Ask any psychologist, counsellor or psychiatrist and they will confirm that the mind is most receptive when the mind and body are in a state of relaxation and happiness. Good schools strive to create a warm and welcoming environment – both because they care about children and also because they know it leads to better learning outcomes.

The activities and lessons should be well planned by teachers trained in strong instructional strategies and pedagogical knowledge. Classroom activities will lead to positive outcomes with the teacher’s guidance all while the student enjoys the fun learning process. Without proper planning, activities may be fun but may not result in the desired learning outcomes. 

If you consider your working environment, you may agree that high stress and an unpleasant working atmosphere don’t lead to great outcomes. Giving respect, freedom to creative thinkers, and a good culture leads to high-performing employees and companies.

Top schools in Gurgaon incorporate fun activities to increase student engagement and interest in solving problems. Students are energized to collaborate together as they tackle important and meaningful ‘real world’ topics. They are allowed to express their voices and choices, and their innate creativity blossoms. Ultimately, they enjoy coming to school and participating in learning.

All of this together leads to students taking an interest in and ownership over their own education and learning. When this happens, there is no limit to learning! Students develop skills and habits that will serve them for a lifetime. They create positive associations with learning and education and are more likely to continue learning and growing.

Learning can be fun and learning can be unpleasant. One leads to great outcomes that last a lifetime, and one leads to a negative association with schools and often an incorrect view of one’s own abilities. Look for a school where the focus is on less pressure and more learning.

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