By Reema Raghav 

Physical and health education is not only about being fit but is also concerned about various other aspects of the personality of any child. We live in a busy world where we do not have enough time to play with our children. Therefore we rely on the Top schools in Gurgaon to do this for them. Sports work towards shaping mental, spiritual, social, emotional, and moral health.

The Best Schools in Gurgaon understand the real importance of physical education. In these Schools,  physical education is considered a play-way process of education. This is because it educates people about various important issues such as proper eating habits and the right life skills.

Benefits of physical education

Motor Development, Mental Development, and Social Development: In the early years, physical activity is essential for the development of motor skills, reflexes, coordination, movement, and posture. As children grow, the benefits of a physical education program expand into the development of early social and emotional skills such as learning to work with others, building friendships, developing confidence, and learning empathy, compassion, and resilience.

The need and importance of physical education for every child in modern society can be understood from:

Intellectual development: It has been seen that children who engage in more physical activity have larger brain involvement in areas associated with memory and cognitive control. They also show increased concentration and attention span, both of which are foundational to improving the ability to learn other subjects.

Character building & Emotional development: Emotional development during school life takes place when children begin to display the capacity to believe in themselves as well as to improve their confidence. Physical education activities offer a child self-expression, self-confidence, and self-control.

Physical Education in Primary & middle schools: Sports and games play an important role in the development of a Child’s personality. They are no less important than food and fresh water. The Physical Education program also helps to develop emotional intelligence, critical thinking and inquiry, values, and social skills, all of which are essential for leading a healthy and contributing life in adulthood.

The development of these soft skills also has a direct impact on learning and learning outcomes. In the evolving world of education, a Physical Education program provides a solid foundation.