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The best sports activities for a school campus

Some of the best memories of school are made in the school playground. Remember that moment from your playground, under the tree shade sitting to catch a breath while our friends tease us to catch them. We were improving our social skills and applying strategies from an early age, add to that the physical training was actually building our muscular strength and immunity. 

Developing ‘sportsman’s spirit’ for life

Physical activities like playing sports improve focus and help deal with real-life problems with a ‘sportsman’s spirit’. Physical fitness is of utmost importance during the physical growth years, especially when we are young. Of course the scale and range of every sport would be different according to age, the question which are the best sports is an important one. Schools in Gurgaon offer a variety of sports. A Top School in Gurgaon will conduct a lot of research as it selects the sports and develops its school curriculum. 

Sports are great for physical and mental health

The best Schools in Gurgaon offer multiple sports for their students since they improve not only their physical and mental health but also assists in their overall personality development.  Students learn to collaborate with their peers and learn to operate in harmony with others while respecting different points of view ultimately enhancing their leadership qualities, building team spirit and learning to manage studies and life from an early age.

Right space and sports professionals

Top schools in Gurgaon promise to offer various sports but while taking ‘the decision’ a few pointers can be kept in mind. First of all, for any kind of sport or game there should be required space for that sport.  There should be qualified professionals who can guide the students towards the right choice of which sport to consider (sometimes even as a possible career path).

Age appropriate infrastructure

Ideally a Top CBSE School in Gurgaon must have both indoor and outdoor infrastructure. The infrastructure should be age appropriate. Smaller and safer sports facilities for little children, and larger, age appropriate facilities as they go into middle and senior school. 

Given that Gurgaon experiences extremes in its climate and high air pollution levels in the winter, both indoor and outdoor play areas are needed. 

Sports appropriate for children

A top Gurgaon school must have multiple large sports fields especially for children between ages 10-18. For the younger children of ages between 3-9, it must offer playpens, running tracks and other multipurpose play areas. It should offer state-of-the-art sport facilities and equipment for outdoor sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Karate, Roller Skating, Fitness Training, Aerobics, and Athletics, as well as indoor games like Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Carom, Table tennis and Billiards/Snooker.

Cricket, Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Volleyball though are team sports and require a lot of physical fitness. Swimming, skating, athletics, gymnastics and chess allow students to challenge themselves in individual pursuits. 

Ultimately, a child’s happiness and wellbeing does not depend on only being physically active but on their true calling, their passion, and your support.

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