Six ways to study Math effectively

Inderpreet Kaur, Vega Schools

Math is considered to be one of the most important subjects for students. There are always mixed attitudes and reactions when parents talk about studying Math. Many of the parent’s or learner’s reactions are attached to the fear of the subject which further results into a dislike for it.  But  it is very difficult to avoid Mathematics.  

Learners who struggle with Mathematics face a lot of stress and anxiety. There comes the key role of parents and teachers who can help in  changing the attitude of learners towards the subject. The following six effective ways  to study Mathematics can be incorporated in the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon for a better understanding and practice of Math. It will help in reducing the stress and fear for the subject as well as will keep the learners engaged in learning.

    1. Exploring different strategies: There is never a single way to solve a problem. Learners should be encouraged to explore different ways to solve a mathematical problem. Finding new strategies to solve a problem will help learners to think out of the box. For example, Cooperative Learning allows students to view a problem from various angles. This can lead to more flexible, out-of-the-box thinking. Learners can be asked to review  a word problem together as a class , then they form small student groups to create their own problems. Many of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon are now adopting such strategies for effective learning.

    2. Revisiting concepts : Parents should encourage the learners to  form a habit of revisiting the task done in school on  a regular basis. It will build the understanding of concepts among the learners and they will not depend upon the rote- memorization techniques. 

    3. Focusing on mental calculations: Mathematics involves a lot of numericals and calculations. Instant arithmetic calculation will not only improve accuracy but will also help in building mathematical reasoning. It helps learners to solve HOTS ( High order thinking questions) at a better rate. For example

    Multiply in parts: This strategy is very simple, and in fact it is the foundation for the standard multiplication algorithm. You can find 3 × 74 mentally by multiplying 3 × 70 and 3 × 4, and adding the results. We get 210 + 12 = 222. Another example: 6 × 218 is 6 × 200 and 6 × 10 and 6 × 8, which is 1200 + 60 + 48 = 1308.

    4. Clarifying doubts: Finding a solution to a mathematical problem involves a series of sequential steps. Many times, learners get confused and get stuck at a step. Skipping steps  results in an incomplete solution. So, the learners should be motivated by their teachers to clarify their doubts instantly . It is very important for a learner to clarify the doubts as in Mathematics complexity level of a problem keeps increasing.

    5. Reviewing the work : Once the learner has clarified the doubt, the next step in effective study of mathematics is to understand the doubt.  In order to avoid the same mistake , learners should review and recheck  the problem twice or thrice. This will not only help the learners in finding the correct solution but also forms a habit of self-evaluation. 

    6. Regular practice : The most important aspect of an effective way of studying mathematics is regular practice. Doing and re-doing  a variety of different mathematical problems helps in grasping the concept effectively. It ends up giving the student more confidence in solving problems as well as it creates more interest for the subject.  Finding a correct solution gives a sense of achievement and success to the learners.