Proven Strategies That Spark A Child’s Interest In Learning

Swati Saini

Swati Saini, Vega Schools

Proven Strategies That Spark A Child’s Interest In Learning

Every day is full of new challenges, and the way an individual chooses to enjoy life despite the difficulties is known as “attitude”. A positive mind always finds an opportunity in everything and on the other side people with a negative attitude don’t live up to expectations. Thus, the key difference that creates the fine line between positive and negative perspectives and personalities is attitude.

When it comes to attitude, it is not just about how we perceive life but also about how we perceive learning. Children who have a positive attitude towards learning generally turn out more successful in not only academics but also in all other areas. It is important that, as parents and mentors, we strive to instill a positive attitude towards learning in our children.

The best schools in Gurgaon follow proven strategies in instilling a good learning attitude in children which promotes social awareness, a sense of responsibility and self-confidence. They also help the students to develop strong critical thinking abilities and make them exceptional at problem-solving. Let us discuss some of the strategies:

Refrain from criticism:

Criticizing another human being will create a negative attitude. The best schools in Gurgaon follow a sensible and sound Goal setting strategy for children. It gives them a sense of purpose that can improve their confidence and build their self-esteem. It also helps them to focus and make better decisions. And even if a goal is not met, kids have been encouraged to do their best again. The need is to understand that not everyone can succeed at everything. What is more important is to consider all experiences, good or bad, as learning opportunities.

Leading by example:

Young minds imitate the people in their life and often mirror their parents while developing habits. One way to help bring their focus back to putting an effort into learning can be to lead by example. Hence parents should make it a point to read them books or newspapers to demonstrate the pleasure of learning and urge them to do the same. Many television shows are educational that parents can watch and interact with their children. There are also educational games that can be played both on electronic devices or board games. Also, parents should accompany the child regularly to a park and play different outdoor games, showing them that learning isn’t always going to be about math and sciences. Games teach us very important life skills i.e “ let me try again”, this will teach kids and adults too how to be kind to themselves when a mistake is made and to continue trying. The school environment also plays a very vital role. The mentors and teachers in the Best Schools in Gurgaon demonstrate traits which show they are leading by example. For example:

1. They listen. There is such a huge difference between hearing and listening.
2. They collaborate.
3. They have clear, transparent Goals.
4. They don't monopolize attention.
5. They care.

Self- motivation

Discipline teaches us to be focused and motivated towards studies as well as other areas of life. Ensuring that the young learner is getting a balanced diet, proper sleep and exercise are important requirements for concentration. The Best Schools in Gurgaon ensure and mould their curriculum in such a way that they can help young kids become self-reliant with the values that matter. Learning this skill at a young age will set children up for success.

Using Leisure Time Efficiently

The best schools encourage parents to take initiative in creating leisure time that helps their child develop. Encouraging children to read, take up singing and dancing, play new sports, etc. are great ways to help the child to grow and unleash their potential.

As one of the leading CBSE schools in Gurgaon, Vega firmly believes that children grow, learn, and develop better when they get love, attention, and encouragement from the most important people in their life, i.e., you, their parents and their teachers. It is hence essential that parents should not only spend some quality time with them but also ensure providing them with a pleasant and secure setting to help them grow into intellectually and emotionally stable individuals with a positive learning attitude. To that end, I hope the strategies shared in this article above will come to your aid in refining the learning capabilities of young kids. After all, when young minds grow a positive attitude towards learning, they can show enthusiasm, curiosity and engagement when a learning opportunity occurs. They're ready to welcome new experiences and recognize many different kinds of learning opportunities. And when we can see opportunities, hope increases.