By Vega Schools’

Sandy Hooda (SH): It’s really nice to meet you and thank you so much for being a part of this conversation. We at Vega Schools‘ and at the Global Schools Alliance (GSA), we try to reach out to discerning and interesting people, to get their views and share it with our ecosystem and beyond. And the context really is, that ultimately, it is the market, it’s the employer, it’s the real world, that should drive what educational institutions do, largely at least. So that?s the context, that?s the reason we do this. We felt that over several centuries and decades a little chasm was starting to develop between the real- world and educational institutions, especially schools. Because there is a university in between and sometimes, there is a little bit of a gap and the interconnectedness gets distanced. That’s why we wanted to do this.

Thirukkumaran Nagarajan (TN): Thank you very much for engaging with me. It?s very much appreciated. Happy to share my perspectives for whatever it?s worth. And I am adefinitely passionate about children, I do spend some time, once in a year at least, helping youngsters. Mostly in my native town, helping them to understand how they can grow in life.