By Vega Schools’

Culture shapes the mind. It provides us with a tool kit with which we construct not only our worlds but the very conceptions of ourselves and our knowledge.

India is a country that is filled with unique, and varied cultures. Every aspect of Indian culture is distinctive and has layers and folklore attached to it.

Teaching our children about the different cultures in India is important as it helps them understand differing perspectives, respect and accept differences, and teaches inclusion.

The traditional classroom pedagogy of schools in Gurgaon deprives children of opportunities to learn in a collaborative, reflective manner. This has raised one major concern: the declining awareness among young children about their and their peer?s cultural backgrounds. The ?chalk and talk? approach does not give space to children to work in groups, to explore and learn together about their cultural surroundings. If children are encouraged to work in group activities, group projects at pre-nursery schools, gender, and cultural biases will never get embedded in their minds. On the other hand, opportunities for imbibing the ability to accept the viewpoints of others, leadership qualities, etc. will routinely become part of the day to day school life.

Our Learning Leaders in Vega Schools, One of the top 5 Unique Schools in Gurgaon, support and motivate learners to reflect on and investigate how one?s own and other?s cultural beliefs, attitudes, and norms are shaped. We believe that issues of culture, language, cognition, community, and socialization are central to learning. The primary socialization of young children is accomplished through joint, meaningful activity with guidance by the learning leaders.