By Alngkrita Gogoi 

We ‘humans’ have come a long way from the early civilizations, but where are we headed? Development and technology are nice, especially in the way they make our lives easier. Just one click of a button and swoosh! A gigantic task is done. 

Are we still going to have an easy life in the future if we continue at this rate?

Climate change is as real as the sun rising from the east. Extremely high temperatures, incredibly cold and short winters, and abnormal rains – are all enough proof of climate change being real. It is high time that we as individuals start doing our bit to reduce the impacts and leave a liveable Earth for the next generation.

If climate change is happening at a global level, then how can we, mere individuals, bring about a change? The answer is to start simple, i.e. by reducing our carbon footprint. If any of us doesn’t know, a carbon footprint is the incremental amount of greenhouse gasses that are generated by our actions.  

Change doesn’t always need to be through massive actions. Just like the saying ‘little drops make the mighty ocean’, little steps can mark the beginning of that change. In other words, rather than going for extensive measures like switching to solar energy, we can start with basic steps like switching off the lights when leaving a room. However, this does not mean that we should not go for renewable sources of energy, but rather that before going for huge measures we should do what is doable for all. 

So here are a few points to reduce the carbon footprint that’ll take minimal effort but have a massive impact.

  • Turn off the lights, fans, and all other electronic devices when leaving a room. This will save tons of energy if done religiously.
  • Take the stairs whenever possible. It is an excellent way to save energy and stay fit at the same time.
  • When taking printouts, print only when necessary or print both sides if possible. An even better way is to go digital for all the work. Top Gurgaon schools are doing their bit by switching to a digital mode for their documentation work.
  • Use public transportation. It goes without saying that cars are one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters so it would bring about a huge impact if public transport is actively used or if carpooling is practiced.
  • Carry a water bottle always. This is one of the simplest ways to reduce the carbon footprint for the manufacture and transport of each plastic bottle if every one of us starts practicing it.
  • Most importantly, raise awareness. Educating people about their carbon footprint and the ways to reduce it will go a long way in combating climate change.

The best Schools in Gurgaon are already contributing and raising awareness. It is time for all of us to pitch in. I am proud to say that Vega Schools’ learners are doing their best to help in creating a better future.