By Marina Khan

Quality of students and Collaboration Quality of students and Collaboration As the development of Gurgaon is going on in full swing we can expect a lot more organizations and institutes to set foot and the same thing applies to schools.

With the expanding pool of Schools in new Gurgaon, parents might face a dilemma to choose the best one for their child. We all know, that school is a place where a child not only studies but grows in multiple ways. There are so many aspects that need to be evaluated while selecting the right school. Hence, navigating the right school in New Gurgaon for your child can be very challenging.

As a parent, we must understand that each school is different and their approach towards learning may also be different as each school has a different methodology and pedagogy.

Some of the key points which can be considered while shortlisting the Schools in new Gurgaon are:

  • School Infrastructure and Facilities: A well-built infrastructure plays an important role in overall education. Facilities like laboratories, computer centers, technology, playgrounds, number of students per class, etc., are the most important factors in determining the quality of education in a school. These are hygiene factors but parents must go beyond them.
  • Quality of Students and Collaboration: The quality of peer groups and collaboration plays a maximum role in influencing a child’s overall growth. A high-quality peer group ensures a high quality of competition and learning.
  • Choice of Curriculum: With a wide range of curriculum options available to choose from, it is important to make the right choice. Many assume that the international curriculum allows students to compete at an international level. However, the curriculum should be in line with the child’s potential and needs. CBSE if delivered through progressive teaching methods can be as effective as IB and IGCSE.
  • Faculty: The quality of teaching depends on the teachers and their ability to inspire, motivate and teach the student. High-quality assessments are equally important.
  • Schools Achievement: The track record of the school reveals a lot about its standards and credibility. Nowadays social media and educational sites have become additional sources of information to select and compare schools. While these provide relevant inputs, parents should be cautious to not reply to one post or opinion. They should try and see the things people are saying in common as those are more likely to be true.
  • Academic Profile of the School: This is a very important criterion. It includes the academic program, the teaching methods and the educational philosophy. Parents need to carefully assess the strengths of their children and match them with the academic culture of the school.
  • Safety and Security: These are extremely important and parents need to ensure that a child studies in a healthy culture free of bullying, discrimination, and harassment. Proper screening of staff, appropriate CCTV, and other security measures are essential and should be checked prior to taking admission. Transport Facility: Proper and safe transport with well-maintained buses, trained staff and GPS, and CCTV are very important factors while selecting a school.

Hence shortlisting the right schools, and finally selecting the right one for your child is an important process to be followed, and being a parent it is our responsibility to research all the required fields before arriving at the right decision.