By Vasvdatta Sarkar

In earlier times children were seen and not heard. Well times have changed hugely and now they speak and parents listen! In this context, handling your child and helping him achieve his dreams and goals becomes a lot easier if you (parent) have a good bond with his teacher.

While we may deny it, but it is a fact that the teacher spends more waking hours with your child and therefore sees behavior that you may miss. And do keep in mind that your child may act differently in school than at home as this is where he/she interacts with and imitates other children with varying personality and behavior traits.

So how do you establish an effective communication channel with your child’s teacher?


Do not dictate

The teacher observes your child on a daily basis. Therefore let her assess your child’s needs. Do not dictate your expectation. Let the teacher decide.

Never bad mouth

Never ever bad mouth the teacher within earshot of your child. Even if you feel she’s the worst on earth, you need to present an united front. Above everything the child needs to respect the teacher or else the teacher-student bond suffers thereby compromising effective learning. Make the job easier for the teacher and not difficult. And also never send emails or messages in anger.

Respect working hours

Try not to call the teacher at home unless it’s an absolute emergency. And do be understanding. You have just the one child. The teacher has a difficult job handling the academic, social and emotional well being of a class of students. That, together with keeping parents happy – the job isn’t easy. The teacher needs rest and once rested, can give 100%.


Establish a warm bond

Right at the beginning of the term, establish a warm bond by letting the teacher know that she is valued and appreciated. About how excited both you and your child are that she is the teacher for the year.

Always read written communication from the teacher

The teacher sends updates home to keep you informed about events and progress. Help her by reading those mails. Be silently effective. Don’t not read the mails and then say ‘ I wasn’t aware..’

Always talk to the teacher first

When you have concerns, first discuss them with the teacher. Try not to escalate matters by taking it up with the Principal or her superior. That should always be step 2.

Listen with an open mind (and heart)

Lastly, when the teacher calls, listen! Have faith in their ability to assess and understand your child. It is not their intention to pick on your child. So do not go on the offensive. The call happens only because the teacher is concerned and she cares.

It is in the child’s interest if the three way bond between School-Home-Child is cordial and respectful. Let that be the guiding light always. 

The Best schools in Gurgaon invest a lot in their teachers, and work hard to keep them motivated. A motivated and happy teacher will impart the best possible education. This holds true across all levels – pre-school, nursery, kindergarten, primary school, middle and senior school.

Parents have a big role in helping preserve positivity and happiness in their relationship with their child’s teacher. Happy and motivated teachers will create happy and motivated learners.

Vasavdatta Sarkar

Former Principal

Vega Schools, Gurgaon

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