By Nikhat Sultana 

“It’s time we take our focus off disabilities and place it on capabilities, so we can see the person first.”- Robert M. Hensel

The quote reflects the need of the hour to help our children with special needs to grow as confident and independent individuals. Parents play a key role in every child’s life. However, when it comes to parenting a child with special needs, a different set of skills is required to nurture them. 

A School is also one of the primary spaces where the child is nurtured and learns a lot of skills that can never be taught at home. Nowadays, the top schools in Gurgaon have the facilities to provide an inclusive setting for children with special needs. They provide an environment that enhances learning for children with commensurate age-appropriate development. 

One of the biggest challenges a parent with a special needs child faces is to find a school where the child is fully taken care of, and at the same time, the child learns and develops new skills and explores strengths. The best schools in Gurgaon are where the special needs of the children are looked at individually and action plans are made accordingly so that the child is able to reach maximum potential. All the needs of the child are taken care of under one roof.

Children with different needs are given special attention by well-trained and equipped staff. Children are provided special education along with Occupational Therapy during school hours. 

A school plays a key role in discovering (and exploring) a child’s strengths and interests. These help the child excel in life, with the underlying belief that the sooner we discover the child’s strengths the sooner we start working on them. The kind of special attention and intervention that a child with special needs requires is provided and this helps the child in settling into the environment, developing in areas of difficulty, and strengthening the areas of interests.