By Sweta Singh 

Courage occurs in an accumulation of small steps. Any successful learner will testify how the very small steps came to his rescue in the bleakest hours. When it comes to CBSE exams, learners are often barraged with ever-challenging issues: academic, physical, social, and mental. To handhold the tender minds thus becomes imperative for the schools. Gurgaon is blessed to have a plethora of options contending to be the best school not only in the city but the country. What makes their flag swirl with pride? The Top 10 schools in Gurgaon target all the areas needed for a learner to be ready for the future: both CBSE exams and life.  

The arduous exams that learners face in the CBSE boards need a lot of building exercises. The point of convergence of the schools which are invested in the lives of their students is to help them face the challenges with a smile. This sublime state of calmness in students could only arise out of a strategy followed consistently. Having accountability for their own study schedule makes the students steadfast and ensures that they cover each subject and target each topic.  The subject areas could only be turned into skills if a student is resolute to shun rote memorization and make comprehension and application the bull’s eye, thus enabling themselves for the times forthcoming. For some students who struggle, audio-visual aids do wonders for retention.

Apart from the basic strategies mentioned above, these schools also focus on building the health and mind of their learners. These learners get enough breaks, a strong timetable, room for release of creative energies, exercise, sports, clubs, and last but not least, cheering their own individuality. This helps them develop sustained success.

What makes these handfuls of schools different from the rest is their high holistic development standards. Apart from offering a rigorous and challenging curriculum – meeting the standards of CBSE and their own pedagogy and principles, they also have strong extra-curricular programs. The students have their energies aligned in these extracurricular programs which often keeps them stress-free and jubilant. They are also involved in community support programs which gives them the edge to build themselves by building a better world. And helps them imbibe wonderful values. 

The infrastructure of the Top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon is top-notch because of their high-quality classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and sports facilities. 

Overall, good schools should be ready to prioritize. A board like CBSE provides positive scaffolding; the best schools bring mindfulness in learners’ character, make them accountable for their actions, help them help others, and guide them to rise to the occasion.