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Experiential learning simply put is “learning by doing”. As early as pre nursery children should be engaged in hands-on learning activities that promote exploration, discovery, critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Throughout the learning journey from pre nursery, nursery, kindergarten school and on to twelfth grade students should learn by doing.

Colleges themselves are using experiential learning 

Research strongly supports learning environments where students are part of the experience rather than recipients of the learning.  Universities in India around the world have been embracing this method of study and have included it as a key component of the university experience.  In fact, many universities have incorporated case study methods and other application based teaching methods.  Field experiences for all university programs are an essential element starting from the first year of college.  Learning about a profession or career and studying the skills needed to be successful in that career is one thing, experiencing the career and applying the learning in a real-world context is much different.  

Vast resources spend on Tuitions

Have we ever thought about why so many students need tuition? So much money is spent on tutors. Even a student who is considered to be a ‘bookworm’ requires expensive tuition. The reason is that since the learning is not experiential, and application based many students end up with weak concepts.

Leading colleges now test depth of knowledge

The leading colleges in India such as IIT, IIM, Ashoka University, ISB, etc. largely focus on students’ ability to understand concepts and to apply their knowledge. Entrance exams are now also focused on depth of knowledge. Similarly the best international colleges also focus on application of knowledge. The SAT exams have been modified to look for pattern recognition and analytical skills.

Students who do not have well developed analytical skills, problem solving skills and communication skills no longer make it through the interview rounds of colleges, and later then they seek employment.

Applying learning in the real world

Students should have the opportunity to apply their learning in real-world situations, which make the learning go deeper and more relevant and meaningful.  These experiences replicated overtime will well prepare students for the challenge of the university environment and place them ahead of students who have had a traditional program of study.

It is for these reasons some of the Best schools in Gurgaon, be it a pre nursery school in Gurgaon, a nursery school in Gurgaon, Kindergarten, Primary or senior schools, are now incorporating experiential learning as a component of their instructional methodology.

The goal is to prepare students for the best colleges and universities, and later for the best jobs and entrepreneurial quests.

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