By Vega Schools’


The current pandemic situation is the best example of change that we are experiencing today. It has forced us to relook our approach towards life, education of our children, school teaching practices and future work.  

This sudden catastrophic change is a stark reminder of the critical importance of school not just as a place of learning but of socialization, care, and life coaching, of community and shared spaces. The pandemic is giving us insights on how important it is to shift from just content dissemination to augmenting relations with learners, learning leaders, and peers.

It is clear for our little learners that if they don?t know how to learn on their own, how to manage their time, how to evaluate a crisis, and how to creatively derive a solution to a problem, then it will be difficult to succeed in this ever-changing environment. And traditional rote learning cannot prepare these children for a new world.

Our children need to acquire 21st-century skills so that they are ready for Industrial Revolution.

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