By Daniel Curry 

There are many educational options available to parents. From online to day school to boarding school, parents must wade through a great deal of information as they make their decisions. It is important to start with an understanding of one’s philosophy of education and child-rearing. Schools in Gurgaon comprise the best day schools, the best day boarding schools to the full boarding schools.

Top Gurgaon schools all recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children. Parents help children learn to walk and talk, and their values are imprinted from a young age. Parents know their children best, so teachers rely on good communication to get a personal understanding of each child. When parents and teachers are on the same page with strategies, students show rapid growth.

Better parent-teacher partnership

In a day school, teachers partner with parents. Students develop their academic and social lives under the guidance of both parents and teachers. They are supported by two sets of adults (school and family) as they walk through their daily lives, struggles, and development. On any given day, either a trusted teacher or a mom is there to step in and give the extra tender loving care that may be needed. When children feel safe, they are more confident, and learning increases. Learning is more than just academic knowledge, it includes social skills and values.

Family bonding

While a boarding school may be well-established and boast a long history, they essentially eliminate the parent as a partner and active influence in the academic and holistic development of each child. Students pick up on both intended and unintended outcomes in these situations. The underlying message to students is that they are not necessarily needed or wanted at home daily. They learn that family bonding is not as important as being associated with a famous school or making friends with potentially influential peers. Additionally, most boarding schools don’t even fall into the elite category and don’t offer much beyond traditional education.

Parents can be actively involved

Parents are no longer able to be actively involved in their children’s daily academic lives. They aren’t able to influence character development when faced with difficult situations. Parents lose their voice to be a daily reminder of the core values and beliefs shared by the family. In that vacuum, students will only have the influence of the messaging they receive from the school. They will not have the daily influence of caring parents who can answer questions both large and small.


Daycare programs can add to learning outcomes

There may be a belief that boarding schools somehow offer a better education since they have more time with the students. The best schools in Gurgaon provide a high-quality, progressive education that leads to superior learning outcomes. These schools offer daycare and after-school programs that provide additional support for working parents and opportunities for students to develop skills. These schools seek to work hand in hand with parents. Best playschools in Gurgaon, when combined with a top school in Gurgaon can enhance learning outcomes.

At the end of the day, our precious students look forward to going home and being with their families. We shouldn’t take that away from them by sending them to boarding schools.